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  1. What was/were found in the early earth’s atmosphere?
    Methane and Hydrogen
  2. What is a technique used for discovering the age of fossils, involves the half-life or C-14, and can only date materials less than 60,000 years old?
    Carbon Dating
  3. Inorganic molecules were able to combine under the correct abiotic factors to form organic molecules.
    primordial soup hypothesis
  4. Some scientists theorize that certain prokaryotes developed symbiotic relationships with ancestors of eukaryotic cells. This describes the theory of ______.
  5. basic membranes surrounding organic molecules and polymers
  6. Some scientists believe the high energy from lightning and ___ helped organic compounds form from simple molecules.
    intense UV radiation
  7. _____ demonstrates common ancestry and has been significantly modified in different animals.
    homologous structures
  8. ________ performs similar functions and  developed in different animals under similar environmental pressures.
    analogous structures
  9. These biologists compare embryos
  10. These biologists study fossils such as bones.
  11. These biologists compare the shapes and structures of different organisms.
    comparative anatomists
  12. demonstrates convergent evolution
    Analogous Structures
  13. demonstrates divergent evolution
    homologous structures
  14. the stage between a gastrula and a fetus
  15. the first cell formed when combining an egg and sperm cell
  16. the supercontinent on early Earth, made of all of today’s continents
  17. On early Earth, there was only one land mass, which slowly broke apart through_______ to form the seven continents we know.
    continental drift
  18. What is an old theory of life creation on early earth that life can just create itself under the right conditions?
    spontaneous generation
  19. What did Pasteur prove that Redi could not?
    even microorganisms cannot spontaneously generate
  20. Scientists theorize that both ______ and ______ used to be prokaryotic cells that developed symbiotic relationships with ancestors of eukaryotic cells.
    Chloroplast and Mitochondria
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