Root of Neck Lecture

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  1. What are the anterior vertebral muscles ?
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  2. What are the Lateral vertebral muscles ?
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  3. What are the boundaries of the neck ? (Lateral boundary , Anterior Boundary , Posterior boundary )
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  4. What are the arteries at the root of the neck ?
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  5. What are the Veins of the Root of the Neck ?
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  6. What is the rule of lymphatic drainage of the head and neck ?
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  7. What vital neural strictures are in the posterior triangle ?
    • Spinal Accessory nerve
    • Cervical Plexus
    • Brachial Plexus
    • Phrenic Nerve
  8. Can both external carotid arteries in the carotid triangle be ligated in order to control massive bleeding ?
  9. What is the cause of Horner's syndrome , including signs and symptoms ?
    • -Loss of sympathetic innervation to head and neck
    • -Partial ptosis
    • -pupillary constriction
    • -vasodilation¬†
    • -Dry skin
    • -Endopthalmos - sunken eye
  10. A Thyroidea artery may interfere with surgery ? T or F
  11. Accidental removal of the parathyroids can cause what ?
    Death by Tetany
  12. What muscles does the laryngeal nerve supply ? what can bilateral destruction cause ? What will unilateral destruction cause ?
    • -All , but one of them.
    • -Suffocation
    • -Quality of voice
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