Biology Blueprint Of Life section 5

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  1. Describe Artificial insemination
    -Involves taking sperm from a chosen male and artificially introducing it to selected females

    -Mainly used in agriculture, but also to increase numbers of endangered species

    -Semen containing sperm removed from male :fluid chilled then frozen in liquid nitrogen for long term storage
  2. Why is artificial insemination used
    • Transporting frozen sperm iseasier than transporting large animals
    • Reduces danger of animal injuryduring mating
    • Many females inseminated at once,births can be synchronized
    • Male can die, but spermstill available
  3. Describe Artifical pollination
    Involves removing stamens of a flower and dusting the pollen onto the stigma of the same/different flower (depends whether or not self or cross pollination is needed)
  4. Why is artificial pollintion used
    • Gives breeder a greater degree of control over the breeding process
    • Used in agriculture to produce large number of crops with desirable characteristics
  5. What is Cloning
    Cloning involves methods of asexual reproduction in which the genetic information of the new organism comes from one parent cell only
  6. Identify how the current artificial reproductive techniques may alter the genetic composition of a population
    • Only selecting what one thinks is ‘desirable’ characteristics
    • 'favourable characteristics’ depend on usefulness to humans rather than the organisms’ fitness/ability to survive   
    • Reduces variability if many clones are made from one parent
    • If members of species are identical, they are unlikely to survive a sudden environment change
  7. What are transgenic species
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