The Impacts of Earthquakes in LEDSc and MEDCs

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  1. List the primary impacts of an earthquake? (7)
    • Buildings and bridges collapse
    • People are killed or injured by debris 
    • Roads railways airports ect are damaged 
    • Electricity cables are cut off
    • Gas pipes are broken causing shortages 
    • Telephone poles and cables are destroyed
    • Underground water and sewage pipes are broken
  2. List the secondary impacts of an earthquake (7)
    • Earthquakes can trigger landslides and tsunamis - destroy buildings & more death 
    • Leaking gas can be ignited starting fires
    • People are left homeless 
    • People may suffer from psychological problems 
    • Shortage of clean water
    • Roads are blocked and destroyed so aid is limited 
    • Businesses are damaged or destroyed
  3. Impacts on LEDCs
    • Due to the poor quality of housing more are destroyed easier 
    • Infrastructure is poor so harder for aid work to get there
    • They have poor defences and resources, so more people are affected by the secondary impacts 
    • Healthcare is often worse in LEDCs, many hospitals don't have the right supplies or room to deal with the casualties
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