The Thoracic Cavity

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  1. The intercostal nerves are the anterior (ventral) rami of the first 11 thoracic nerves ? T or F
  2. The Lateral cutaneous branch of the intercostal nerve divides into anterior & posterior branches ? T or F
  3. What do the 7th - 11th intercostal nerves supply ?
    Anterior abdominals (external , oblique , transverse abdominis , rectus abdominis
  4. The 1st intercostal nerve gives rise to a large branch that joins the anterior ramus of the 8th cervical nerve to form the ?
    Lower Trunk of the Brachial Plexus
  5. The 2nd intercostal nerve to the medial cutaneous nerve of the arm by the _____,supplying the skin of the armpit and the Upper medial side of the arm.
    intercosobrachial nerve
  6. What is posterior to the Tachea in the Superior mediastinum ?
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  7. What is the right side to the Trachea in the Superior mediastinum ?
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  8. State the contents of the Superior mediastinum from posterior to anterior ?
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  9. What is contained in the Anterior Mediastinum ?
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  10. What is contained in the Middle Mediastinum ?
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  11. What is in the posterior mediastinum?
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