History 1700 Pre-Test 3

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  1. What is the Thirteen amendment mean?
    It is the end of slavery
  2. What is the fourteen amendment?
    Blacks are now citizens, have the right to vote and have equal protection under the law
  3. What is the fifteen amendment?
    It forbids any state to deny Blacks the right to vote because of their race
  4. what's the name of the case in the supreme court, that say that segregation was legal as long as facilities were equal?
    Plessy vs Ferguson
  5. Jim Crow laws
    Laws to enforce segregation
  6. Who was Lincoln's vice president who was against the 14 and 15 amendment
    Henry Johnson
  7. Who was the first black senator?
    Hiram Rhodes Revels
  8. Who were the carpetbaggers
    Northerners who came south to profit from the south's misery
  9. Who were the Scalawags?
    White Southerners who supported the new Republican government ( from democrats to republican)
  10. American president who passed amnesty act and served two terms. and had corruption
    Ulysses S. Grant
  11. Who is the person who comes up with the quick draw and he shoot his own deputy and got shot in the back of the head while he is playing a card game
    wild thou
  12. Billy the kid
    He is the one who killed many people for every year of his life in new mexico.  21 men
  13. Confederate who become outlaw and got shot in the back of the head
    Jesse James
  14. The girl who has good shooting
    Annie Oakley aka Little Sure Shot
  15. Wild Bill's girl friend with STD
    Calamity Jane
  16. Who is the guy who does the wild west show?
    Buffalo Bill
  17. Who's is the guy who uses his bugle against the sioux
  18. Who was the Cheyenne chief that got immune to bullets after a ceremony and is killed
    Roman Nose at battle of Beecher's Island
  19. Theme song of the 7th Calvary
    Carry on
  20. Custer and his men of the 7th Calvary are wipe out
    The battle of Little Bighorn
  21. Sioux got wipe out at the battle of
    Wounded knee
  22. Indian police killed during his attempted arrest
    Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
  23. Kiowa chief attempts a spectacular escape despite his handcuffs
    Chief Satank
  24. Famous Apache leader in the southwest that fights the American army and the Mexican army
  25. Who were the guys whom expose scandals and corruption  and agitate goverment involment creator FDA and different aspects of society
    Muckrakers and Progressives
  26. Who was the one who restore the American economy during small depression
  27. How was the Victorian era like?
    Code of Honor, dress, manners, strict
  28. Establish civil relationships with Japan
    Commodore Matthew Perry
  29. Ship that blows up in the Havana
    Battleship USS Maine
  30. Roosevelt charge up Kettle hill with the rough riders, but the battle is known as
    Battle of San Juan Hill
  31. The guy who is really brutal with the Filipinos and said " no prisoners" . Wrapped Muslim corpses in pig sknis
    Jacob Smith
  32. Leader of Guerrilla Filipino
    Emilio Aguinaldo
  33. Why Teddy was popular?
    Macho, Hunter, Boxer, shooter, build Panama Canal
  34. The USA army under BlackJack Pershing then invade Mexico looking for
    Francisco " Pancho" Villa
  35. Who was the guy who invent the Toilet?
    Thomas Crapper
  36. This guy formed a monopoly in oil and railroads
    John D. Rockefeller
  37. German guy who invent the modern gas on the car
    Karl Benz
  38. Who invent the modern Light bulb?
    Thomas Edison
  39. Who is the one who discovered germs?
    Louis Pasteur
  40. Who is the one who comes with a coil and shoots electricity
    Nikola Tesla
  41. He introduce the assembly line
    Henry ford
  42. Famous for banking in Walt street
    JP Morgan
  43. invert of the telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell
  44. Italian inventer of the radio
    Guglielmo Marconi
  45. Businessman who has a lot of places with steel
    Andrew Carnegie
  46. invents the dynamite
    Alfred Novel
  47. some reason for wwi
    territory, France against Germany for Alsace and Lorraine
  48. the guys who got killed in sarajevo
    Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
  49. big battle of wwi where french defeat the germans, named after a river.
    The battle of the Marne ( first Marne battle)
  50. 1915, during the winter, the french attack in Artous at vimy ridge and
  51. what is the name of the hill that sucks the guys in
    le  morte homme
  52. 1915 guys that are buried alive
    The trench of bayonets at verdun
  53. french famous motto
    they shall not pass
  54. how many casualties in the battle of verdun
  55. what is the number of casualties in the battle of the somme
    1.2 million
  56. attack where the french get mown down trued to attack the ant hill
    Nivelle Offensive
  57. Brittish blow up
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