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  1. Switch
    is a computer networking device that is used to connect devices together on a computer network by performing a form of packet switching. A switch is considered more advanced than a hub because a switch will only send a message to the device that needs or requests it, rather than broadcasting the same message out of each of its ports.[1]
  2. Distributed Switch
    • The distribute switch is at the Datacenter Level
    • The Distribute switch acts as a single virtual switch across all associated hosts. this allows virtual machines to maintain consistent network configuration as theey migrate across the hosts
  3. Uplink port group
    • connect a vsphere distributed switch to a physical NICs on associated ESX/ESXi hosts.
    • The number of uplinks on a vsphere distributed switch is the maximum number of allowed physical connections to the vsphere distributed switch per host.
  4. Distributed port group
    is a port group associated with a vsphere distributed switch and specifies port configuration options for each member port. Distributed port groups define how a connection is made through the vsphere distributed switch to the network.
  5. Open Source Interconnection OSI
    physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation and application
  6. EMC unisphere
    a simple, integrated experience for managing EMC VNX Family, EMC CLARiiON, and EMC Celerra storage systems through both a storage and virtualization lens. It’s designed to provide simplicity, flexibility, and automation—key requirements for the journey to the cloud.
  7. RAID- Redundant Array of Inexpensive (Independent) Disks
    • Raid-0 -nm, ns and np
    • Raid-1 -m, -ns and np
    • Raid-5 -blocked m, distributed parity
    • Raid-10 -blocked m, blocked striped
  8. Cluster Features
    VSphere HA
    VSphere DRs
    VMware EVC
    Swapfile location
    • -high avaliability- monitoring host and virtual machine heartbeats
    • -Distributed Resource Scheduler-DRS functions by continually analyzing and optionally rebalancing the running x86 workloads across the VMware ESX Servers running in the cluster.
    • -Enhanced vmotion Compatibility EVC is a cluster setting that automatically configures all hosts in the cluster to be VMotion compatible with each other.
    • -swapfile vmx file
    • -DPM distritubed power management
  9. Distributed Virtual switch adding port groups

    static, Dynamic and ephemeral
    • Static – use static binding to assign a port to a virtual machine when the virtual machine connects to the distributed port group.
    • Dynamic - use dynamic binding to assign a port to a virtual machine the first time the virtual machine powers on after it is connected to the distributed port group. Dynamic binding is depricated in ESXi 5.0.
    • Ephemeral - use ephemeral for no port binding.
  10. DVSwitch Policies 7
    security, traffice shaping, vlan, team and failover, resource allocation, monitoring, miscellaneous
  11. EMC-SP-a and b
    Storage processors are the interface between the switched fabric and the disk backplanes
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