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  1. Definition of cholesterol
    it's a hard fatty waxy substance that is essential for physical health, even though is not required in our food supply since our body can manufacture it.

    It does not dissolve in blood, attaches to the proteins and form lipoprotein, LDL and HDL are 2 forms of cholesterol made lipoprotein
  2. Definition of cholesterol Low density lipo protein (LDL)
    low-density lipoproteins - low use in the body - bad
  3. Functions and sources of cholesterol
    • 1. Element of a cell membrane - compensating the changes in membrane fluidity - if too little cholesterol they become to liquid and fall apart, if too much - stiff and break
    •'s a precursor of bile acids;
    • 3. precursor of steroid hormones and vit D.
  4. lifestyle and factors which affect cholesterol
    • exercises lower LDL and increasing HDL
    • Diet high in sat fats increasing LDL
  5. Dietary measures to reduce cholesterol
    • 1. foods like fibre rich veg and fruit can reduce LDL,
    • 2.also high in pectin foods
    • 3. vit C, E and other antioxidants destroy harmful free radicals which otherwise would turn LDL toxic - sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, wheat germ and soy beans are high in vit E; strawberries, guava and yellow papers in vit C
    • 4. fish
    • 5. oat brans - pectin
    • 6. chromium
  6. Suitable and unsuitable foods in planning a diet for a client with high cholesterol levels
    • fruit, veg, oily fish - suitable
    • high sat, processed meats, high protein diet - wrong
  7. Relationship between dietary levels of cholesterol and cholesterol levels in the blood
    vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels than meat eaters, vegan the lowest and going on such a diet could reverse heart diseases
  8. • Implications of high cholesterol in heart disease
    when cholesterol becomes lodged in the walls of the arteries it contributes to the condition called arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries which is a factor in the onset of heart attack or strokes
  9. /High density lipo protein (HDL)
    good - is mopping out loose cholesterol from the walls of the arteries and carries it to the liver, where it is broken down in the bile and extreted
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