World Literature II

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  1. Czeslaw Milosz "Ars Poetica" "Faith" "On Angels"
    Nobel Prize 1980
  2. Gabreil Garcia Marquez
    "Death Constant Beyond Love"
    Nobel Prize 1982
  3. Sylvia Plath
    "Morning Song"
    Pulitzer Prize 1982
  4. Alice Walker
    "Everyday Use"
    Pulitzer Prize 1983
  5. Galway Kinell
    "For William Carlos Williams"
    "To Christ our Lord"
    "The Fundamental Project of Technology"
    Pulitzer Prize 1983
  6. Naguib Mahfouz
    Nobel Prize 1988
  7. Toni Morrison
    • Pulitzer Prize 1988
    • Nobel Prize 1993
  8. Phillip Levine
    "The Lost Angel"
    Pulitzer Prize 1995
  9. Wislawa Symoborska "Mozart of Poetry"
    "Consolation" "Clouds"
    "Childen of our Age" "Could Have"
    Nobel Prize 1996
  10. Phillip Roth
    "Defending the Faith"
    Pulitzer Prize 1998
  11. Mark Strand
    "Sleeping with one Eye Open"
    Pulitzer Prize 1999
  12. Doris Lessing
    "The Old Chief Mshlanga"
    Nobel Prize 2007
  13. Robert Haas
    "Story of the Body"
    Pulitzer Prize 2008
  14. Sharon Olds
    "Parent's Day"
    "I Go Back to May 1937"
    "Sex Without Love"
    Pulitzer Prize 2013
  15. Alice Munro
    "Walker Brothers Cowboy"
    Nobel Prize 2013
  16. Tagore (Bengali)
    Nobel Prize 1913
  17. Carl Sandburg
    Pulitzer Prize 1919,1951
  18. William Butler Yeats
    "Sailing to Byzantium"
    "When You Are Old"
    "Easter 1916"
    Nobel Prize 1923
  19. Thomas Mann
    "Death in Venice"
    Nobel Prize 1929
  20. Robert Frost
    "The Road not Taken"
    Pulitzer Prize 1924,1932,1945
  21. TS Elliot
    "Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock"
    Nobel Prize 1948
  22. Wiliam Faulkner
    "Barn Burning"
    • Nobel Prize 1949
    • Pulitzer Prize 1963
  23. Gwendolyn Brooks
    "We Real Cool"
    "The Mother"
    "Bean Eaters"
    Pulitzer Prize 1950
  24. Ernest Hemmingway
    "Hills Like White Elephants"
    Pulitzer 1953
  25. Theodore Roethke
    "My Papas Waltz"
    Pulitzer 1954
  26. Wallace Stevens
    "Sunday Morninig"
    "The Emporer of Ice Cream"
    "The Man on the Dump"
    Pulitzer Prize 1955
  27. Elizbeth Bishop
    "Manners of a Child of 1918"
    Pulitzer Prize 1956
  28. Albert Camus
    "The Guest"
    Pulitzer 1952
  29. John Steinbeck
    Nobel Prize 1962
  30. William Carlos Williams
    "Spring and All"
    "Widow's Lament in Springtime"
    Pulitzer 1963
  31. John Berryman
    "Dream Songs"
    "Poet's Final Instructions"
    Pulitzer 1965
  32. Anne Sexton
    "Pain for a Daughter"
    Pulitzer 1967
  33. Sartre
    "Being and Nothingness"
    Nobel 1964
  34. Solzhenitsyn
    "Matryona's Home"
    Nobel 1970
  35. Pablo Neruda
    "General Song"
    "Ode to the Tomato"
    Nobel Prize
  36. Saul Bellow
    "Adventures of Auge March"
    Nobel 1976
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