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  1. The combined efforts of QA personnel, maintenance supervisors, and technicians are necessary to do what?
    Ensure high quality maintenance and equipment reliability.
  2. QA inspectors shall be selected and designated in writing by whom? 
    Engineering Officer.
  3. What are the three general causes most FOD can be attributed to?
    poor housekeeping, poor maintenance practices, and carelessness.
  4. What monitors the condition of enclosed mechanical systems through determination of wear metal concentrations in the lubricating fluid?
  5. History of the oil analysis program has clearly shown that what is usually the decisive factor in its success?
    the attitude of an operating activity toward the program
  6. Who will provide funds directly to DoD for USCG participation in JOAP?
    Commandant (CG-41)
  7. Who will ensure that maintenance personnel are thoroughly trained in JOAP sample taking and documentation procedures?
    Engineering Officers
  8. JOAP sample taking and documentation procedures are covered in what manual?
    • NAVAIR 17-15-50.1
    • NAVAIR 17-15-50.2
    • NAVAIR 17-15-50.3
    • NAVAIR 17-15-50.4
  9. What does the term RCM refer to?
    A program of disciplined logic to realize the inherent reliability capabilities of            equipment being maintained.
  10. What program will monitor the performance of equipment and will bring deteriorating trends to management's attention.
    The JOAP program
  11. What is the most effective and practical procedure by which operating activities can preclude the difficulties caused by free water in aircraft fuel tanks? 
    Eliminate the water and inspect for the presence of foreign matter on each daily and preflight inspection.
  12. It is recommended that approximately how much fuel from each drain be inspected using a clear, clean, dry glass container?
    one pint
  13. Experience has shown that serious engine and airframe problems will develop if inadequate attention and effort are given to what?
    maintaining fuel quality
  14. The normal level of fuel system icing inhibitor in turbine fuel (FSII) is what?
    0.10-0.15 percent by volume.
  15. Introducing Fuel System Icing Inhibitor additive will lower the flash point of JP-5 by how many degrees?
    4-degrees Fahrenheit and will inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  16. What is the fuel handeling procedures process guide? 
    CGTO PG-85-00-170-A
  17. What manual Identifies Methods for Bulk Petroleum Products Systems including Hydrocarbon Missile Fuels?
  18. What manual is Quality Control of Fuels and Lubricants?
    AFTO 42B-1-1
  19. What publications provide specific guidance relative to aircraft fuel storage, handling and establishes minimum quality and surveillance standards?
    • CGTO PG-85-00-170-A
    • MIL-STD-161G
    • AFTO 42B-1-1
  20. What maintenance performed at the unit is key to minimizing corrosion damage betweenoverhaul or Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM)?
    diligent corrosion maintenance
  21. What program is an unclassified short name referring to investigations and studies of Compromising emanations?
  22. Who oversees the Coast Guard aviation TEMPEST program? 
    Commandant (CG-41)
  23. Who will provide Commandant (CG-41) with national, Department of Homeland Security, and Coast Guard TEMPEST policy?
    Commandant (CG-61)
  24. Who manages the Coast Guard Aviation TEMPEST policy as directed by Commandant (CG-41) and ensures conformance with current Coast Guard TEMPEST policy?
  25. What is an unclassified short name referring to investigations and studies of unintentional signals that, if intercepted and analyzed, would disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by telecommunication or automated information systems equipment.
  26. When the need arises at the local level to pass on information to maintenance personnel, what shall be issued?
    a maintenance instruction
  27. Whenever any maintenance instruction has served its purpose, it should be canceled and filed for how many months after completion date?
    6 months
  28. What may be prepared when a directive or situation dictates that specific work must be performed on a one-time basis, the work will be completed on one aircraft model or piece of equipment and will not require further action?
  29. What does the acronym SAMI stand for?
    Single Action Maintenance Instruction
  30. What is a local directive providing instructions for the performance of work which is or may be of a continuing nature?
  31. What is prepared when a directive or situation dictates that specific work must be performed at recurring intervals, or upon the occurrence of a particular condition or incident?
  32. What does the acronym CAMI stand for?
    Continuing Action Maintenance Instruction
  33. What may be prepared when a directive or situation requires that technical information be promulgated within an activity?
  34. When it is necessary to disseminate information, such as techniques and local policy, which does not direct the accomplishment of specific work at definite intervals, but which is sustaining in nature, what may be issued?
  35. What does the acronym TIMI stand for?
    Technical Information Maintenance Instruction
  36. What do you replace damaged tools with?
    Replacement tools shall conform to the same shape and size as original tools to ensure integrity of tool control which utilizes foam cutouts or other tool displacement        methods.
  37. What is the purpose of the composite repair program?
    To properly maintain and repair aeronautical composite components.
  38. What resins are not authorized for use on any coast guard aircraft?
  39. All repairs to primary or carbon composite structures must be documented where?
    airframe or applicable component SCHR
  40. No repairs shall be made to any primary structures without prior approval from who?
    ALC Engineering
  41. No repairs shall be made to composite structures by any unit unless they meet all safety requirements listed in what manual?
    AFTO 1-1-690
  42. What type of repair is defined as those that do not restore the designed structural strength of a component, but protect it from additional environmental and physical damage?
    Temporary repair
  43. What program applies to the inspection, maintenance, and repair of aircraft and aircraft fuel systems?
    Coast Guard Aviation Gas Free Engineering Program
  44. What program describes the processes, means, and methods used for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling potential confined space hazards associated with fuel cell and fuel tank maintenance and for communicating those hazards to employees? 
    The Aircraft Confined Space Program (ACSP) The ACSP was formerly known as the Aviation Gas Free Engineering Program (AVGFE). IAW CIM 5100.47 This question is from the 5100.47
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