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  1. Throughout the semester you completed the self-assessments for ICE assignments.  He who knows others is clever; he who knows himself is enlightened?
    D. Lao-tzu
  2. Emotional Intelligence
    is an assortment of skillsand competencies that have shown to influence a person’s ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures.
  3. Successful people have ______ and _______ to help them achieve what they set out to do.
    goals; plans
  4. In organizations these days more and more work is being performed by groups and teams in fact, ________ of fortune 500 companies use teams in some way to accomplish work it is quite like you bill be part of the team at some point if you have not already
    over 80%
  5. When working in teams people differ in their confidence of the team’s capability to perform tasks successfully. This is referred to as team
  6. Gossip
    refers to informal and evaluative talk among individuals about another person who usually is not present when in the information is shared.
  7. Bureaucratic organizations are not a good fit for both _________ and ________ teams.
    cross-functional; self-managed
  8. Entrepreneurs tend to flourish in environments that encourage ______.
  9. Hardy types
    • tend to be better at dealing with change and stress.
    • These are people who believe they can control the events they encounter, are extremely committed to the activities in their lives.
    • and who treat change in their lives as a challenge
  10. Narcissists
    • believe that anything they do
    • will be successful,
    • believe they are special and unique,
    • possess a strong sense of entitlement and like to be admired by others. 
    • Research is only beginning to examine their effects in the workplace.
  11. The two basic dimensions of the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instruments are _______ and ________.
    Assertiveness; Cooperativeness
  12. According to the Thomas-Killman conflict mode instruments it is best to use the _________ mode when the conflicting parties want to fully satisfy both of their concerns
  13. When __________, according to the Thomas Killman mode instrument conflict mode instrument the effective is tot find and expedient mutually acceptable solution that partially satisfies both parties
  14. When you need a quick decision, according to the Thomas-Killman conflict mode instrument you should use which of the most?
  15. According to the Thomas-Killman, conflict mode instruments use the ________ mode when you want to build up social credits for later issues that are important to you.
  16. How many key success factors are there in creating X-teams?
    Five (5)
  17. X-teams principal #1 states that x team engage in high level of _______ activity
  18. According to x teams many teams fail because they are not able to acquire the appropriate ______.
  19. One approach to becoming an X-team is through scouting or ______ learning in which team learn by observing others
  20. Principal 2 of building X-teams combine high levels of ________ activity outside the
    team with _________ execution inside the team
    external; extreme
  21. Team members need to take the time to ______ on their actions, strategies, and objectives. Without this, team members cannot learn what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
  22. X-team members have to be entrepreneurial and have some direction at the same time for the good of the team. What they need is _________, or rules of thumb that give guidelines about and boundaries around the process and help team members make decisions when circumstances are ambiguous.
  23. Principle #3 of forming x-teams is _______ __________. This ensures that teams do not
    get stuck in any one mode of operating.
  24. X-teams are not a simple solution to the new business environment. X-team success depends on three “x-factors”. These factors include:
    • (all of the above).
  25. Organizations that benefit from x-teams must rely on the type of leadership that is dispersed
    throughout the organization. This is called
  26. Groups and teams are comprised of a consistent component:
  27. While group members are skilled in the delivery of products and/or services, the missing link is often the development of relationships between the members of the group or team. Relationships are built through learning, developing and practicing ____________.
  28. There are many ways in which a person can learn about himself or herself. Some of the
    most effective ways include self-reflection, feedback from others, open mindedness, and __________.
    is the one words that describes what makes an individual unique.
  30. Successful group work depends on factors such as balanced skill sets, a common purpose, specific goals, accountability and ________.
  31. Generally, when _________ occurs, some type of discrimination follows and the diversity within groups goes without further discovery.
  32. For the first time in US history, there are _____
    generations working side by side. What used to be called a “generation gap” is now referred to as “generational differences”.
    Four (4)
  33. A media that provides the most richness with the most realistic immediate feedback is __________ communication.
  34. Organizational structure should be driven by an ongoing analysis of the organization’s
    strategy and goals along with an understanding of what the employees need for _________ and ________ task completion.
  35. Organization structure is typically vertical or _________ in nature.
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