Leadership Test #1

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  1. Why do nurses have to be licensed?
    Proof that nurses have enough skill and knowledge to practice.
  2. Endorsement
    Allows another license to practice in another state
  3. The goal of the states board
    To protect the safety of the public
  4. PNAP
    program for substance abuse in nurses
  5. Nurse Practice Act
    States that nurses can legally do within each state.
  6. Substandard nursing practice
    • Disciplinary action eligible
    • Verbal abuse, failure to respond to change, forcing meds
  7. Destruction or fraudulent charting
    • Disciplinary action eligible
    • making up or getting rid of information
  8. Physical abuse
    Disciplinary action eligible
  9. Failure to follow policy
    • Disciplinary action eligible
    • Nurse practice act or hospital/facility policy violated
  10. Medication errors
    • Disciplinary action eligible
    • No fault rule as to where they want it admitted to fix, however....repeated med errors can be a problem
  11. Controlled substance violations
    • Disciplinary action eligible
    • Taking narcs out and not giving to pts
  12. Inappropriate management decisions
    Disciplinary action eligible
  13. Practice beyond scope
    • Disciplinary action eligible
    • Doing this other than what is listed in the nurse practice act
  14. When should NCLEX be taken?
    Within 45 days of completion
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