Pregnancy Part 3

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  1. gestational diabetes treatment
    dietary control with moderate exercise
  2. nausea/vomiting
    • morning sickness- bc have empty stomach
    • caused by hormone shifts
  3. N/V strategies
    • eat small frequent meals
    • drink liquids between rather than with meals to decrease volume in stomach
    • avoid fried and greasy foods
    • reduce coffee intake
    • avoid cooking odors
  4. Heartburn: 1st trimester
    slowing down of digestive system and cardiac sphincter relaxed
  5. Heartburn 3rd trimester
    baby pushing and kicking
  6. Heartburn strategies
    • eat small frequent meals
    • avoid foods high in fat
    • drink fluids between meals
    • limit spicy meals
    • avoid lying down after a meal
  7. Constipation
    • common in 1st and 3rd trimester
    • hemorrhoids
  8. constipation strategist
    • increase fluids and insoluble fiber consumption
    • perform moderate exercise
  9. food safety
    immune system compromised so the body doesn’t attack the body bc most needs go to baby
  10. pasteurized
    quick blast of high heat
  11. food safety foods to avoid
    • raw/ undercooked meat/fish/eggs
    • soft cheeses- brie, camembert, blue cheese
    • raw/unpasteurized dairy
    • deli meats
    • nitrates
    • fountain soda
    • soft serve yogurt
  12. virus in deli meats and soft cheeses
  13. breastfeeding
    • recommend at least 6mo
    • ideal through 12 mo
  14. baby’s primary source of nutrition in 1st yr
    breast milk/ formula
  15. Solid foods
    • 4-6 mo
    • start to teach how to sit up and eat
  16. breast feeding benefits to infant
    • bacteriologically safe
    • antibodies
    • matures GI tract
    • reduces foods allergies/intolerances
    • establishes eating in moderation
    • proper development of jaw and teeth for better speech development
    • decreased ear infections
    • enhance nervous system development
    • reduce hypertension and chronic disease
  17. breast feeding benefits for mother
    • earlier recovery from pregnancy
    • decrease risk of ovarian and premenopausal breast cancer
    • quick return to prepregnancy weight
    • delayed ovulation- delayed pregnancy
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