Age Nutrition Part 1

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  1. infancy nutrition
    • adequate energy reflects satisfactory gains in length and weight
    • no low fat diets
    • omega 3 fatty acid
  2. infancy protein
    highest need during 1st 4 mo
  3. infancy vitamin/mineral needs
    provided by breast milk
  4. infancy iron needs
    • fetal iron stores depleted by infant by age 4 mo
    • get iron from breast milk or formula
  5. infancy vitamin D
    supplement recommended for breastfeeding
  6. Infancy fluoride
    supplements not recommended before 6mo
  7. Vitamin K
    • administered shortly after birth by injection
    • many kids deficient
  8. Infancy solid foods
    • 4-6 mo
    • gradual introduction of grains, rice, veg
  9. cow milk introduced
    after age 1
  10. reduced fat or no fat milk
    after age 2
  11. monitor juice intake
    • sugar
    • fill up on it and don’t want solids
  12. toddler mealtimes
    • maintain consistency
    • regulate portion size
    • encourage self-feeding
    • include snacks to increase metabolism
    • makes big impact on what they will eat later on in life
  13. Toddler eating
    • begin to offer low fat foods
    • ** introduce variety
    • problems with excessive juice and milk intake
  14. 4-6 yr old eating characteristics
    • independent
    • variable hunger and appetite levels
    • continue to introduce new foods
    • food jags
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