Age Nutrition Part 2

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  1. 7-12 yrs
    • slow growth
    • peer influence increases
    • health snack options
  2. 13-19
    • responsibility for own behavior but adult guidance required
    • risk for diet related disorders and eating disorders
    • high energy needs for sports
    • CA for bone mineralization
  3. Food allergy
    • overreaction to a food protein or other large molecule
    • --produces an immune response
    • antibodies produced that cause reaction
  4. Food allergy symptom
    skin, respiratory, GI, anaphylaxis
  5. Food allergy risk factors
    • heredity
    • GI permeability
    • environmental
  6. food intolerance
    • adverse reaction to foods
    • ** does not involve immune system
    • caused by pharmacological properties, metabolic disorders, idiosyncratic response
  7. food intolerance symptoms
    similar to allergy
  8. aging
    • gradual process that reflects influence of genetics, lifestyle and environment over life span
    • slowing of cell metabolism and its effects on body
  9. older adults at risk for nutrient deficiencies due to
    • gender
    • smoking
    • alcohol abuse
    • dietary patterns
    • educational level
    • dental health
    • chronic illness- how well managed
    • living situations
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