Ch. 7 Attention

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  1. What is attention?
    the ability to control where the mind/mental processes are focusing
  2. What is the cocktail party phenomenon?
    the ability to focus attention on one conversation at a time through selective attention
  3. What is the dichotic listening paradigm?
    listening to two different sounds/voices at the same time
  4. What occurs in early selection?
    perceptual filter blocks secondary input messages to focus on primary messages (prior to verbal content analysis)
  5. What occurs in late selection?
    response filter occurs after the verbal content analysis (provides the ability to recognize important words (name, fire etc) even when your not paying attention to it)
  6. What is the visual search?
    using your vision to locate a stimulus as it moves within the visual field
  7. What is the feature integration theory?
    it states that objects in our environment are combined/integrated when selected by our brain to be combined
  8. What is serial search?
    searching for one thing at a time
  9. What is parallel search?
    looking for more than one thing at a time
  10. What are the three ways the response of a cell could be changed as a result of attention?
    enhancement, sharper turning, and altering
  11. What are the three areas for orienting attention and there jobs?
    • Posterior Parietal lobe (disengaging attention)
    • superior colliculus (moving attention)
    • Pulvinar (re-engaging and enhancing attention)
  12. What is the attentional blink?
    recognizing a stimulus in 15 milliseconds while it is being presented to you rapidly like rapid blinking
  13. What is the stroop effect?
    color reading exercise (color words with different colors) the word RED in color green
  14. What is change blindness?
    When a change occurs in the visual field without us knowing it. like the gorilla suit scene
  15. What is picture perception?
    is damaged when hemispatial neglect occurs
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