Final Review Structure and Definition

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  1. gymnosperm
    seed producing plants that have a naked seed
  2. Angiosperm
    seed-producing plants that have their seed enclosed in a fruit
  3. ovule
    immature seed
  4. integument
    Tissue of parent sporophyte that will eventually develop into the seed coat
  5. nucellus
    thinpart that is megasporangium
  6. micropyle
    Opening at one end of the ovule that exists before fertilization; the archegonia are oriented towards this direction; it is required for sperm
  7. endosperm
    stored food of the seed; made from the female gametophyte
  8. Archaeosperma
    360 million years old; has integumentary lobes that are less fused; a filamentous tip and sterile branch that provides protection
  9. Elkinsia
    365 million years old; has vegetative branches called cupules; lobes less fused than Archaeosperma; group member of progymnosperms; has two seeds that are immature called ovules
  10. Seed ferns
    Reached their peak around the same time as horsetails and ferns; they are no longer in existence and lived from 360-180 million years ago; they are like small trees or vinelike; no ancestry; considered gymnosperms
  11. bract
    The modified leaf that forms underneath the reproductive structure
  12. cotyledon
    seed leaves; first leaves of the embryo
  13. fruit
    enlarged, ripened ovary
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