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  1. …is the weakest link in the credit card transaction security link; CVV fails to protect privacy when …
    Cardholder; call centers selling sensitive information
  2. Mechanical turk means…; the 1st artificial means… and the 2nd artificial means…
    “Artificial” artificial intelligence;
  3. The Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a ... The Requesters are able to post tasks known as HITs; HIT stands for….such as ...
    • crowdsourcing Internet marketplace that enables individuals or businesses (known as Requesters) to co-ordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do;
    • Human Intelligence Task; identifying an object in photos, writing product descriptions, commenting on a blog, surveys, translation
  4. Mturk advantage is that …
    • Cost: cheap way to outsource simple, repetitive task; turn fixed cost to variable cost
    • Combine people power and computer power
  5. how does Mturk work?
    • Requester create an account and write code for request on Mturk;
    • Mturk upload request to resource center
    • Turkers work on the materials on resource center
    • Resource center ask for approval from the requester
    • Mturk pay the turkers
  6. Authoring means
    • Public Annotation: blogging and commenting
    • Global Collaboration: review/commendation systems, eg. Wiki, yelp, epinions
    • Extensibility: Public APIs
  7. Web 2.0 is a term referring to the ongoing transition to a full …Web, with participation including both humans and machines.
  8. …uses google API; benefits of using google map API(mashup) includes…
    • openrice, yelp, zipcaar
    • Dynamic map
    • Global
    • credible
    • no cost to maintain the map
    • Reduce bandwidth usage
  9. What is css
    a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document; most often used to style web pages and interfaces written in HTML
  10. What’s rss?
    • Really Simple Syndication
    • A way for you to get a quick list of the latest story headlines from all your favorite websites and blogs all in one place.
    • links many Web 2.0 apps, Enables a variety of tools to access and manipulate the feed
  11. push vs pull
    • push: based on needs, subscribe, passive
    • pull: based on estimate, broadcast, active
  12. how tags are different in web 2.0?
    • in html content and format cannot be separated
    • in web 2.0 we can now tag only the content, thus teach the machine the meaning of the text
  13. Web 2.0 keywords
    • Web/network as platform
    • Deliver software as Continuously updated service
    • Gets better as more people use it
    • remix
    • network effect
  14. web 1.0 vs web 2.0: mode, primary unit of content, state
    • read; write and contribute
    • page; post/record
    • static; dynamic
  15. web 1.0 vs web 2.0: viewed through what, architecture, content created by, domain of whom
    • browser; browsers, rss readers
    • client server; peer to peer
    • coders; everyone
    • geeks; mass amatuerization
  16. web 1.0 vs web 2.0: technology, application style, content structure
    • html, oracle; XML, AJAX, MySQL
    • closed; open
    • documents and pages; tagged objects
  17. web 1.0 vs web 2.0: content control, marketing, governance
    • publishers and aggregators; content author
    • contextual, push; conversational, viral
    • top down; bottom up
  18. web 1.0 vs web 2.0:: communication, information discovery, information aggregation
    • people to machine; people to people, machine to people
    • search/browse; publish and subscribe
    • portals and commercial aggregators; micro-aggregation and mashups
  19. why viral?
    • Tastemakers
    • Community participation
    • Unexpectedness
  20. What’s the deepest human impulse
  21. Meaning of Digg
    Vote for
  22. What is the theory behind the model of Digg and YouTube
    Wisdom of crowds
  23. What technology is considered to be the seed of all these creating and sharing? _____Instead of embracing the new technology for distributing music, the music industry adopted a posture of_________Shawn Fanning with his Napster software allows people to share music with ________ technology. Napster probably triggered the most heated controversy in technology history. 4 months after the release it passed the million downloads mark. This is not just a new record of fastest spreading of a software, it is also a revolution to turn ______ into______
    Mp3; denial; peer2peer; passive recipients of information into active engaged participants
  24. Hilary Rosen, chief executive of RIAA, declared war on Napster. It shows that the industry has panicked. Which company made the industry happy by selling $0.99 songs? ____A few years after Napster, instead of music, ____started for people to share videos. Who was YouTube's sugar daddy? _____Murdoch's New Corp company bought MySpace with $650 million. Is it because Murdoch is a visionary?____
    Apple; Youtube; Google; No, it was because Myspace got too big for him to ignore
  25. News publishers were pretty sure about a source of revenue, no matter if the economy goes up or down. What is that source?
    Classified ads
  26. What's Facebook's ambition?
    Create a service that captures human connectedness. The ultimate relationship engine.
  27. Which two services shows that the web is not only about making money, but also about setting communication free?
    Craigslist, Wikipedia
  28. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the WWW, said the web was designed to be two-way, and it is now returning to the idea of a ________ web
  29. Larry Lessig Video: he used three stories____his arguments are___
    • Talk machines and loss of vocal cords; creation of planes and trespassing; broadcasting and ascap cartel
    • Internet revives the RW culture (for love, not for money)
    • Remix: take it and use it differently
    • Government legislation failed; Private solution: legalize, realize economic potential
    • Technology is changing, we do not want our generation to live against law
  30. Moore’s law states that ____So Computers are ___development of computers follows___
    • Power of computing doubles every 18 months
    • Fasters, smaller, cheaper
    • Vacuum tubes, transistors, microprocessor(integrated circuit)
  31. The steven jobs video tells us Computer is ____to mind; it allows us to ____
    Bicycle; expand our capability to think
  32. Types of computers
    Handholds; PCs, Servers; Mainframes, (eg. Airlines reservation systems / Giant websites); Super Computers eg. Watsons
  33. Watsons is a supercomputer created by ___; it won the ___
    IBM; Jeopardy Challenge
  34. System Software are___ Examples are Operating systems (___) , Language translators (____), Utility programs (___)
    • Programs that manage computer hardware and application software
    • Windows, OS X, Linux
    • C++, Visual Basic
    • Norton Utilities
  35. Application software are ___such as_____
    • Programs that allow users to accomplish specific task
    • Word processing, web browsing, tax preparation
  36. Operating Systems is___; it Provides a connection between ___
    • Software platform on which other programs run;
    • application programs and the computer hardware
  37. major task of OS
    • multiprogramming(time sharing, keep track of memory for each program)
    • virtual memory(loading program from memory into harddrive)
    • ram disk(loading program from harddrive to memory)
  38. memory vs harddrive
    • volatile; non-volatile
    • faster; slower
    • expensive(small capacity); cheap(large capacity)
  39. two types of Application Software are ___; under COTS, there are ____ and ____; ___ make customized applications
    • commercial-off-the-shelf and customized ones;
    • productivity suites and enterprise-wide systems
    • IBM
  40. Stages in app development are___
    Plan, design, write and test
  41. Advantage of waterfall mode is___works for
    • More control over the time of delivery
    • Simple project with clear objective
  42. Advantage of iterative mode is___works for
    • Improve incrementally
    • Complicated projects
  43. Features of physical network media
    • Expensive
    • Fast(wide bandwidth)
  44. Features of wireless network media
    • Vulnerable to snooping
    • Affected by electromagnetic waves
    • Limited distance
  45. Traditional Phone lines uses ___ network; feature___
    Circuit switched; both end must be available
  46. Packet switched network means ___features___
    • File are broken into packets, sent through different routes, reassembled in the destination
    • fault tolerant & Requires special HW/SW
  47. very computer connected to the Internet must have a unique ___ Domain Names are easier to remember; Domain Name System (DNS) is ___;
    IP address; A distributed database of Internet name
  48. Why so many spams?
    Cheap, Wider audience, Little work, Profit guaranteed
  49. How do they know my email addr?
    Address harvesting, dictionary attacks, purchased list
  50. How spam avoid detection?
    Typographic variation, randomly generated name and email, spam content in image form, irrelevant legit content
  51. Anti-SPAM and their limits
    • Manual delete: time cost
    • Filters: false positive/false negative
    • Whitelist: cannot predict future senders
    • Blacklist: costly, switching identity
    • Challenge response: costly to innocent senders
    • Digital signature: tech adoption
    • Legal approach: jurisdiction
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