Final Exam Conifers: Pine

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  1. Structure
    Leaves: can have a long stem and leaves attached directly or short side stems with leaves attached, called fascicles; no compound leaves; all simple and can be needle- or scale-like

    Conical in shape due to suppression from adjacent buds that won’t grow until they become a far enough distance away; the bottommost branches are the largest because they grow first and suppress the rest as they go upward

    All are woody

    Can be evergreen or deciduous (lose leaves in spring)
  2. Location
    widely distributed throughout the world from the northern hemisphereto the southern
  3. Unisexual or Bisexual
    Male and female cones on both plant

    Male: each cone scale produces a certain number of microsporangia and is a microsporophyll; transient

    Female develop more slowly and are considered modified branches due to the bract (takes about 2.5 years)
  4. Uses
    Ornamentals and lumber used for framework

    Most conifers produce resin because of the resin canals located in the stems and leaves; used for fungicide or to cover wounds; turns to amber
  5. Coastal Redwoods

    largest trees

    has shallow root system that extend outward from the tree; adjacent roots are going to intertwine with one another

    Giant sequoia and coastal redwoods differ in their leaves
  6. Distribution of coastal redwoods
    coast of CA
  7. Conifer: Juniper


    juniper berries used to flavor gin
  8. Conifer

    Unisexual or bisexual?
    produce male and female cones, but female cones don't look like cones. Instead, they look like berries
  9. In general, all conifers are__ in terns of reproductive structures.
  10. Yew: Conifers
    Has separate male and female plants

    Produces male cones, but not female cones

    Produces individual seeds with an extra fleshy bright red layer around it
  11. Yew adaptations
    extremely toxic due to alkaloids (the seeds and the leaves are)
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