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  1. Intro to the lead type video 
    The name of our company is American Income Life. Now we are not your typical insurance company. Our company has specialized in providing supplemental insurance benefits to union, credit union, and association members for over 50 years. Unless you are a member of one of these groups, we generally would not vist with you. 
  2. Intro to the lead type video 2
    • Through the sponsership program, original members are given the ability to sponsor people in their circle of influence, who they feel could use it them the most. That's why your             was able to do for you!
  3. Intro to the lead video 3
    First i'll play a video the explains the relationship between us and the different groups we work with and also the reason why I am here visitng you today.
  4. Intro to the lead type video 4
    I'm sure you can see why your            was so excited to sponser your/you family for some of the benefits he/she received, right?
  5. No Cost AD&D Policy
    The first benefit is a no cost accidental death and dismemberment policy. This AD&D policy has only been provided to you because your _____ sponser you to receive it.
  6. No Cost AD&D Policy 2
    As you can see we are trying to extend this benefits to the people in your cirlce of influence whom you know can use it. Who would you like to sponser first?
  7. Child Safe Kit
    The next benefit is the child safe kit, which is design to help protect your children. Ill let the video explain better.
  8. Child Safe Kit
    Our goal is to provide this kits to every family with kids. For us to accomplish this, we are going to need your help: Who would you like to sponser first?
  9. Health Services Discount Card
    The next benefit is a no cost Discount Card.
  10. Health Services Discount Card
    This is an incredible value offered at no cost for one year. it will provide you with up to 60% discounts on prescriptions, vision, hearing and chiropractie services.
  11. Health Services Discount Card 3
    You also have the opportunity to sponser anybody to receive the discount card. Who would you like to sponser first?
  12. Prepping Customers For a Call to the referrals.
    Mr/Mrs Prospect, please make sure you give these people you sponsored a call. It is important they know we are going to give them a call to make an appointment and deliver the benefits, just like we are doing with you. 
  13. Transition to Life Insurance Video
    Each person sponsored is seen separatley, because everyone has different need and different wants. What might be right for you may not be right for the person i just saw, or the person I will see after you. 
  14. Transition to Life Insurance
    Since everyone had a different need and want, this video will explain is simple words the need for these benefits. 
  15. Transition to Life Insurance Video 3
    Now that you have more knowledge about the differen types of insurance, Ill go ahead and ask you some questions to see exactly what you qualify for and we'll go on from there.
  16. Final Expense Protection 1
    Mr.Prospect, this first video will explain how the program will provide an immediate sum of money to take care of final expenses.
  17. Final Expense Protection 2
    Mr.Prospect, the video stated that the current average cost of final expenses is $14,000. However, because of inflation the recommend amount is $30,000. Now as you can see, you don't have any protection here. So you will need $30,000, and that is  the amount we are providing you with. Makes sense so far?
  18. Final Expense Protection Tie Down
    Jim and Mary, I'm sure you can see how important this benefit is when something happens to you?
  19. Income Protection 1
    Do you ever think about what would happen to your financially if you passed away during your prime working years? How are they going to make it without your income?
  20. Income Protection 2
    Well, we put aside our fear of mortality and thought of this as we should. This video will explain how that works.
  21. Income Protection Preview review

    Review the recommended coverage, the existing coverage, the need and the proposed amount.
    Make sense so far?
  22. Income Protection Tie Down
    I'm sure you can see how vitally important this is to make sure your family will continue the same lifestyle in the event the breadwinner is taken out of the picture prematurely.
  23. Mortgage Protection
    Remember that there will be an adjustment period after the death of a breadwinner. But the most expensive bill, the mortgage, will still need to be paid. Let's see how this going to protect your family.
  24. Mortgage Protection Preview Review 

    Review the recommended coverage, the existing coverage, the need and the proposed amount.
    Makes sense so far?
  25. Mortgage Protection Tie Down
    Once again, I'm sure you can see how important this protection is for your family?
  26. College Education
    The Need for our kids to get a college education seems to be almost indispensable, if we want to allow them to have a solid and prosperous financial future. 

    This video will explain in simple terms how:

    Makes sense so far?
  27. College Education Time Down
    It probably goes without saying how important that is right?
  28. Final Review 1
    So Jim and Mary, to recap, we have your Final Expenses taken care of, your income is protected for your family so their lifestyle won't to change, your mortgage is taken care of, and your children's college education is assured as well.
  29. Final Review 2
    If it all makes sense, starting as of today you've taken an important step needed to be properly covered because this plan is intended to help you fulfill your current needs, and to make sure your needs are protected, they've given you two options to choose from.
  30. Option 1
    Which provides all the benefits but has inflation built in for your final expense cost down the road
  31. Option 2
    Which covers all of your needs with a smaller amount of inflation protection built in. 

    Which option works best for you?
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