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  1. Two mechanisms by which panelists are excluded from serving on a jury
    • Challenge for Cause
    • Peremptory Challenge
  2. In any trial, each side can claim that particular jurors should be excluded because they are biasedEach side has an unlimited number of challenges for ____
    Challenge for cause
  3. Each side may also exclude a designated number of prospective jurors without a reason statedThe number of ___ challenges for each side varies among jurisdictions and also on the basis of the type of case and the seriousness of the charge
    peremptory cause
  4. is the assumption that jurors who are demographically or socially similar to a litigant will be predisposed to favor that litigant
    Similarity-Leniency hypothesis
  5. is a persons organized network of preconceptions about how certain attributes are related to one another and to behavior
    implicit personality theory
  6. Juries in civil cases typically make two fundamental decisions
    • 1) Whether the defendant (or, in some instances, the plaintiff) is liable or responsible for the alleged hard and
    • 2) Whether the injured party (typically the plaintiff) should receive any money to compensate…
  7. 7 goals of punishment break down into two
    retribution and utilitarian
  8. they involve looking back at the offense and determining what the criminal deserves as a consequence of committing it
    retributive approach
  9. Compensating the victim, incapacitating or rehabilitating the defendant
    utilitarian approach
  10. death penalty trials are broken into two. what are they?
    guilt phase and sentencing phase
  11. are elements of the crime, such as killing in an especially brutal or heinous manner, that make the defendant more likely to…
    aggravating factors
  12. are elements of the defendant's background or the crime, such as the defendant's mental capacity, that make life imprisonment the more appropriate verdict
    mitigating factors
  13. grrrim =
    • general deterrence
    • retribution
    • rehabilitation
    • restitution
    • incapacitation
    • moral outrage
  14. judicial decisions focus on three main concerns. BPP
    • 1) Blameworthiness
    • 2) protection of the community
    • 3) practical constraints and consequences of the sentence
  15. knowledge of legal concepts
    Declarative Knowledge
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