physics final part 3

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  1. Luminosity
    • total amount of energy emitted by a star
    • la=bright super giants, lb=super giants, ll=bright giants, lll=giants, lV= subgiants, V=main sequence stars
  2. Parallax
    displacement between two apparent objects
  3. parsec
    measure of distance when measuring stars
  4. flux
    flow of light
  5. absolute magnitude
    measure of an objects intrinsic brightness
  6. apparent magnitude
    measure of a celestial body's brightness as observed from earth
  7. spectral class
    O, B, A, F,G ,K ,M
  8. H-R diagram
    Image Upload
  9. main sequence
    part of hr diagram where most stars are located
  10. spectroscopic parallax
    way of measuring stars distances using H-R diagram
  11. Binary stars
    two stars that orbit around their central mass
  12. Light Curve
    graph of light intensity
  13. ISM
    • interstellar meduim
    • The space between the stars is not completely empty, but filled with very dilute gas and dust, producing some of the most beautiful objects in the sky.
  14. Absorption lines
    • lines produced by ISM
    • distinguished by wrong ionize states, small line width, multiple components
  15. emission lines
    colored lines that make up part of the emission spectrum
  16. molecular clouds
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