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  1. which product is a foam?
    product b only
  2. the pressure in the container just after each is filled from highest to lowest
  3. the pressure in products b and c when just prepared are
    c is 21.9 psig and b is 35 psig
  4. the pressure in the containers after 90% of the fill has been used is from highest to lowest
  5. if product c was filled with a metered dose valve that measures 0.2 ml how many doses would be in the container?
    >30 doses
  6. the FDA regulates
    food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices
  7. prior to the FDA there were two reference books that set the standards for drugs and products in the United States, they were called the
    • United States Pharmacopeia 
    • National Formulary
  8. a company that wishes to test a new drug in people for the first time must submit what to the FDA?
  9. a company that wishes to win the approval to market a generic copy of an already approved drug must submit
  10. a company that manufactures pharmaceuticals for sale in the US must be inspected by the FDA for
    • pre-approval
    • randomly
    • for cause
  11. rectal suppositories
    can contain an active ingredient for systemic effect
  12. when rectal suppositories are administered the patient should be instructed to
    • wet the suppository before insertion
    • remove the foil wrap 
    • if PEG suppository only
  13. when an insoluble powder is added to the top of a container of liquid, the following are true statements
    the bigger particles will sink faster than the smaller particles (if they sink at all)
  14. for a reaction to occur spontaneously it must
    none of the above
  15. when solid iodine is heated it forms a purple vapor, this process is called
  16. the only thing that a soft gel capsule can contain that a hard gel capsule cannot is
    cod liver oil
  17. which of the following is an oral solid dosage form not available in the US is
  18. there are several ways to prepare powder to make a compressed tablet, the method that takes longest is
    wet granulation
  19. when making an emulsion with acacia, the amount of gum used is based upon
    the total volume of all the oil components
  20. if a surfactant is added to a suspension
    the sedimentation rate will go down
  21. spreading will occur when one liquid extends itself over a second
    oil will spread on water if the work of adhesion is greater than the work of cohesion
  22. water is a liquid that exhibits newtonian flow. which statement is true about these other mixtures?
    catsup exhibits thixotropic flow
  23. the three key parameters in monitoring bioavailablilty include
    area under the curve
  24. as the concentration of surfactant increases in a solution
    the surface tension drops with each new addition until the criticial micelle concentration is reached
  25. stokes law describes which phenomenon?
    rate of sedimentation
  26. which is not an effect of a surfactant?
    increase the viscosity
  27. oral solid dosage forms
    include tablets and capsules
  28. entropy
    is a measure of randomness in a system
  29. Gibb's free energy
    is equal to delta H+t delta s
  30. transitions in state
    includes sublimation
  31. a homogenous region of a heterogenous system is called a
  32. which reaction is a demonstration of a net gain in free energy?
    ice melting at room temperature
  33. the colligative properties of a solution include all but
    surface tension
  34. a mixture that gets thicker upon resting and thinner upon mixing exhibits this kind of rheology
  35. the movement of oil globules in an emulsion to the surface is called
  36. the aggregation of solid particles in a suspension is called
  37. which mixture will separate upon standing?
  38. which ointment base will have the most benefit to dry skin?
  39. a paste is an ointment that contains
    high concentration of dry powders
  40. the principle that the pressure is perpendicular to the flow of a fluid is inversely proportional to its velocity is ____ principle
  41. a relationship which describes the rate of sedimentation of particles in a suspension is called
    Stoke's law
  42. a constant used to calculate the solubility of gas in water is called ___ constant
  43. The solid geometric figure that can contain the most volume in the smallest area is called a
  44. aggregates of surfactant molecules in a mixture is called
  45. When solid particles come together in a suspension it is called a
  46. transitions in state
    • include sublimation
    • are isothermal
  47. extemporaneous compounding
    • is a part of the practice of pharmacy
    • include the last six laboratories you performed
    • cannot be done for resale to other pharmacies
    • is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration
    • is regulated by the State Boards of Pharmacy
  48. a generic equivalent must
    • contain the same active ingredient in the same amount
    • be the same dosage form
    • be bioequivalent
  49. particle size distribution can be determined by the following equipment
    • sieve 
    • microscope
    • coulter counter
  50. the viscosity of a plastic system
    • changes linearly with time
    • is inversely proportional to the fluidity
    • cannot be determined with an Oswalt viscometer
    • is measured in units of cps
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