Ch. 15 Development

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  1. What changes in infancy?
    • brain development (limited motor and verbal skills)
    • looking preferences (prefered more complex pattern over simpler pattern)
    • visual cliff (depth perception available)
  2. What is maturation?
    timetable for development (from birth to end of life)
  3. What is the critical period?
    period of time when development is best ready to be developed (be able to hear speech before you develop speech) process slower when environment is not supportive
  4. What are the developmental changes associated with old age?
    • associated with specific modalities
    • presbyopia (decrease in stretch ability of lenses)
    • thickening and yellowing of lenses
    • decrease in acuity
    • useful field of view narrows
    • presbycusis (sensitivity to high frequency becomes more narrow with age)
    • decline in smell and taste sensitivity

    • affects all sense modalities
    • slowing of response
    • problems with distribution of attention
  5. What did visual deprivation studies show?
    that reflexive and light sensitivity decrease with extended exposure to darkness
  6. What is attentional weighting?
    learning to attend to some features in environment rather than others (weighting one thing over another)
  7. What is perceptual differentiation?
    picking up on subtle cues that help differentiate something from other things
  8. What is unitization?
    seeing complex item as a single item (chess with complex pieces seen as one pattern, combining together)
  9. What is stimulus imprinting?
    specialized response from encoded neuron of a stimulus
  10. What were the effects of selective rearing?
    receptive fields showed orientation specificity only to the stimulus orientations that the subject has experienced or were exposed to
  11. What were the results of sensory motor development?
    no limitation in depth perception when actively moving but limitations were found when passive movement was occurring
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