Chemisty Chapter 4

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  1. Matter
    Anything with mass and also occupies space.

  2. Pure substance
    Matter with only 1 type of particle

    e.g Gold
  3. Mixture
    2 or more substances.

    E.G Milk
  4. Compound
    A pure substance made of two or more different elements.

    E.G Carbon Dioxide
  5. Physical Property
    • A characteristic of a substance that can be
    • observed and measured without changing the identity of the substance.
  6. Viscosity
    A substance's resistance to flow.
  7. Melting Point
    The point where a substance changes state from solid to liquid.
  8. Boiling Point
    The temperature in which vapor pressure of the liquid equals the pressure surrounding the liquid.
  9. Solubility
    • The measure of the ability of a substance to
    • dissolve in another substance
  10. Density
    The ratio of mass to volume of a substance.
  11. Chemical Property
    • The ability of a substance to change or react
    • and to form new substances.
  12. Stablility
    The ablitity of a substance to stay unchanged and not react.
  13. Toxicity
    • The ability of a substance to cause harmful
    • effects in plants and animals
  14. Element
    A pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler parts by chemical methods.

    E.G Gold
  15. Combustibility
    The ability a substance has to burn in air.

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