Futuro Verbs

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  1. Future Tense AR / ER / IR Endings
    • Hablare
    • Hablaras
    • Hablara
    • Hablaremos
    • Hablareis
    • Hablaran
  2. Future Tense
    What WILL happen or what SHALL happen
  3. But, the future tense is not used to express a willingness to do something. For this, use the verb "querer."

    Will you go to the store?
    • Quieres ir a la tienda?
  4. Future Tense is also to express WONDER and PROBABILITY

    He is probably traveling alone
    El estera viajando solo
  5. Who could she be?
    I wonder who she is?
    Quien sera ella
  6. For actions that will occur in the near future, the present tense is more commonly used.
    Ir a +
  7. Further int he future us Futuro Tense

    Next Year I am going to Spain
    El ano que viene ire a Espana
  8. Go Go verbs end in ..dr..
    Tener = Tendre
    Except Decir and Hacer
  9. I will be able to
  10. I will Tell him
    Le Dire el
  11. I will do it
    Lo Hare
  12. I will be leaving soon
    Saldre pronto
  13. Will you put it here for me?
    lo Pondras aqui para mi
  14. Will you-all come to dinner Saturday?
    Vendreis a Cenar El Sabado?
  15. I will know it when i see it
    lo Sabre cuando lo veo
  16. We shall have a party
    Tendremos una fiesta
  17. Next summer we will go on vacation to France
    El próximo verano iremos de vacaciones a Francia
  18. I'll call you tomorrow
    Te llamare manana
  19. What do you think that your mother will say
    Que crees que dira tu madre
  20. My brother is coming to visit us in July
    en julio, mi hermano vendra a Visitarnos

    Always an 'a' after and (ir) go or (Venir)come verb
  21. Are you-all leaving on Sunday?
    Saldreis El Domingo?
  22. When will you be here?
    Cuando estaras aqui?
  23. It's probably eleven o'clock
    Seran las once
  24. She is probably outside
    Estara ella fuera
  25. I will work from home
    Trabajare desde casa
  26. There will be
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