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  1. You will see
    We will see
    • Ya veras
    • Ya veremos
  2. What do you mean
    Que quiere decir
  3. Rountrip tickets
    Los pasajes de ida y vuelta
  4. it's nothing, doesn't matter
    No Pasa nada
  5. It's incredible, amazing
    Use in present tense.. express excitement
    -San Francisco is an incredible city
    • Una pasada
    • San Francisco es ciudad una pasada
  6. with luck
    con suerte
  7. She was very stressed
    There is a lot of food
    • Muy + Adj
    • Mucho + noun
    • Ella estaba muy estresada
    • Hay mucho comida
  8. to be fired
    Ser despedido
  9. to be scared
    I am scared of Spiders
    • Tengo miedo de las aranyas
    • Tener miedo
    • to have fright
  10. That plane scares me
    • la Avion me da miedo
    • Dar miedo
  11. What do you do for a living?
    A que te dedicas?
  12. it is easy.  Piece of cake
    Esta Chupado
  13. To stop ... doing something
    I stopped drinking yesterday
    • Parar de..
    • Pare de bebir ayer
  14. More or less ..than
    Don't sleep less than 8 hours (tu)
    • Mas de o menos de
    • no duermas menos de ocho horas
  15. It is better to..
    It is better to see a doctor
    • es mejor ..
    • Es mejor a ver un doctor
  16. Let's see, let's have a look
    a ver
  17. one must...
    One must speak catalan in Barcelona
    • Hay que
    • Hay que hablar catalan en Barcelona
  18. I think I would prefer, I think I'd rather..
    Casi Prefiero
  19. to be special as in a person who is a pain
    Ser especial
  20. that you are very pretty
    que estas muy guapa
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