8.4 - Crime and Punishment (Keywords)

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  1. Addiction
    A recurring compulsion to engage in an activity regardless of its bad effects.
  2. Capital Punishment
    The death penalty for a crime or offence.
  3. Crime
    An act against the law.
  4. Deterrence
    The idea that punishments should be of such nature that they will put people off (deter) committing crimes.
  5. Judgement
    The act of judging people and their actions.
  6. Justice
    Due allocation of reward and punishment / the maintenance of what is right.
  7. Law
    Rules made by Parliament and enforceble by the courts.
  8. Reform
    The idea that punishments should try to change criminals so that they will not commit crimes again.
  9. Rehabilitation
    Restore to normal life.
  10. Responsibility
    Being responsible of ones actions.
  11. Retribution
    The idea that punishments should make criminals pay for what they have done wrong.
  12. Sin
    An act against the will of God.
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