Water Supply

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  1. Name the 15 parts of the Hydrologic cycle.
    • Ice and snow 
    • Precipitation
    • Snow melt and runoff
    • Infiltration
    • Ground water Flow percolation
    • Ground water storage
    • Oceans 
    • Evaporation
    • Condensation
    • Atmosphere
    • Evapotransportation
    • Surface runoff
    • Stream flow
    • Springs
    • Freshwater
  2. Name three main sources of imported water for Southern California
    • L.A. Aqueduct
    • State water Project
    • Colorado river Aqueduct
  3. Of all the water in the world what percent is sea water?
  4. Of all the water in the world what percent is ice?
    2 or 68 percent of all fresh water
  5. Water percent of water is ground water and how much can we access
    • 1%
    • 30% is accessable
  6. What entity developed the California State Water Project?
    The SWP was developed by the Department of Water Resources.
  7. What is the Central Valley Project?
    A system of water canals,storage and dams in the central valley that store and transfer water to California's San Joaquin valley
  8. What entity developed the Central Valley Project?
    United states bureau of reclamation
  9. What are the uses of the Central Valley Project?
    Provide water to the central/ San Joaquin valley and hydroelectric power generation.
  10. What are the major issues facing the SWP and theCVP today?
    Drought and regulatory measures preventing expansion of the systems.
  11. Describe the concept of water recycling.
    Water recycling is the recycling of rain,storm,grey or effluent water.  The water is   collected from these sources and treated for public use
  12. What is indirect reuse of recycled water?
    Indirect use is recycled water that has been treated but instead of going directly into the distribution system it is pumped back into a reservoir or ground water system first.
  13. What is direct reuse of recycled water?
    Direct reuse refers to water that is recycled and treated then put directly back into the distribution system.
  14. Describe the Sacramento/San Joaquin Bay/Delta.
    The Delta is an inverted Delta in northern California supplied by the , Sacramento and San Joaquin rovers.  Formed as a marsh after the last ice age it has been transformed by  the construction of levees and islands for  agricultural use.
  15. Describe two problems facing the Bay/Delta?
    One problem is the risk of damage from an earthquake that could destroy many Levees forcing saltwater into the delta.  Another problem is the ecological damage done by the removal of water from the delta this can cause harm to wildlife and water supply.
  16. What two rivers feed the Delta?
    The Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers
  17. Name two problems the tunnels under the Delta would address.
    One problem is the ecological damage on the Delta.  By routing water through the tunnels instead of drawing it through the delta, the water in the delta would more easily stabilize and take pressure off the wildlife.  Another is cost the water would be of higher quality because it would not have to flow through the delta thus requiring less treatment.
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