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  1. Cannon place
    Holford road
  2. Tarling street
    Sutton street/Witney street
  3. Caledonian wharf
    Saunders ness road
  4. Porsche e15
    Stratford high st
  5. Lyon place sw1
    Ebury st
  6. telegraph hill
    Platts lane
  7. Neville court
    Abbey road/ grove end road
  8. Plymouth wharf
    Saunders ness road
  9. Cumberland mills
    Saunders ness road
  10. Black cat cafe
    Clarence road
  11. Saint James church ec1
    Clerkenwell close
  12. Masonic centre ec1
    Clerkenwell green LoR
  13. Kingsway place
    • Clerkenwell close/ sans walk
    • in by sekforde st L st James walk facin
  14. Madison restaurent & cocktail bar
    New change/ rooftop
  15. Grain store
    Stable st Lby granary sq
  16. Six bridge trading estate
    • Barlborough grove
    • .NR old Kent rd
    • .use rolls road
  17. Shangri la hotel
    • St Thomas st 
    • .NR B/high st 
    • .use L kings head yrd R white heart yrd
  18. That's amore restaurent
    • Kirkdale
    • .LoR L willow way
  19. Upperwest
    • Kings road
    • .LOL R jubilee pl N L flood st
    • .LOR R smith st L markham st
  20. Kensington court hotel sw5
    • Nevern place
    • .LOR L templeton pl R longrigde rd
    • .SD comp nevern sq LBy nevern pl SDOR
  21. Grange Clarendon hotel
    • 24-27 Bedford place
    • .same side penn club
  22. Portland hotel
    • 31 Bedford place
    • .same side penn club
  23. Lancaster hotel
    • 6 Bedford place
    • .opp penn club
  24. University college hospital Macmillan cancer
    • Huntley st
    • .LOR only R capper st or torrington pl to get howland st
    • .SD only Via university st
  25. Ambresand hotel
    • Harrington road
    • .taxi rank outside use Cromwell pl
  26. Cuckoo club
    • Swallow st 
    • .regent st side
  27. Westminster archives
    • Queen Ann's st
    • .LOR R orchard abbey st
  28. lucky 7
    • Westbourne park road
    • .LOR R chebstow rd L Ledbury rd
  29. Somerstown caffe
    • Carlton st
    • .LOR L pheonix rd 
    • .LOL ROL euston rd?
  30. Porterhouse bar & restaurent
    • Maiden lane
    • .on the R
  31. Qbic London City hotel
    Adler street
  32. Circle house old ford training centre
    39-56 older ton green/Jodrell road
  33. Autumn street
    Wick lane
  34. Iceland road
    Wick lane
  35. Bonnie gull seafood cafe
    55-57 exmouth market
  36. Woodbridge chapel
    Woodbridge st/Hayward place
  37. Hackney heart
    411 mare street E5
  38. GB pizza CO
    Exmouth market
  39. Bonie gull seafood cafe
    55-57 exmouth market
  40. Broadgate Arena
    Ellon street EC2
  41. Schonfield square N16
    Lordship road
  42. Brim hill
    Ossulton way/Deanway
  43. Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs witnesses
    33 north hill N6
  44. Weston park
    The broadway
  45. Oxford arms ph
    265 Camden high street
  46. Ice works NW1
    36 Jamestown road
  47. Gilbert Scott bat
    Pancreas road/inside saint pancreas hotel
  48. Booking office bar
    Pancras road inside sain pancras hotel
  49. Lady's Smoking Room
    Pancras road/ renaissance st pancras hotel
  50. Palmers lodge Swiss cottage
    40 college crescent
  51. Southampton arms ph
    139 Highgate road NW5
  52. Pizza east kentish town
    53-79 Highgate road
  53. Vine bar NW5
    Highgate road NW5
  54. Dirty burger NW5
    79 Highgate road / Sanderson close NW5
  55. Arthur Murray dance studios NW6
    242 Kilburn high road
  56. Brondes age restaurant NW6
    • 326 Kilburn high road
    • .LOL L netherwood st F sheriff road L west end lane R broadhurse grdns
  57. Kilburn gate gate
    Kilburn briory NW6
  58. Kilburn market
    Kilburn high road/Kilburn square
  59. Roupell street
    Hatfields SE1
  60. London firebrigade welfare fund
    3 Morocco st se1
  61. Perkings square
    Porter street se1
  62. Alaska Building se13
    Beck close
  63. Greenland Dock
    • Brunswick quay/Greenland quay 
    • .enter redriff road
  64. Crofton park library
    375 Brockley road se4
  65. Greenland mews
    Trundleys road se8
  66. Albert ph
    Buckingham gate
  67. Churchill war rooms
    Clive steps/king charles street
  68. Millbank millennium pier
  69. Quebec house sw1
    Pall mall
  70. Putney college of art
    Upcerne road sw10
  71. Putney pier
    • Embankment 
    • .LOR L thames pl
  72. Burntwood school sw17
    • Burntwood lane
    • .LOR L openvew
    • .LOL L aboyne road
  73. Lobster house
    • Point pleasant 
    • LOR L northfields (Malta tourist office there)
  74. Wandsworth riverside quarter pier
    • Point pleasant 
    • .lea way
  75. Verdi Italian kitchen
    Royal Albert hall/Kensington gore
  76. Bocca Di lupo
    12 archer street w1
  77. Arthur murray dance studio london
    • 77 Baker Street 
    • .nxt Reuben's
    • paddington st L baker st SDR and LOR L Dorset st
  78. Bonnie gull seafood shack
    • 21a Folley st
    • .LOL L ogley st
    • .great tichfield st R folley st SDOL
  79. BBC club
    • Gildea st
    • LOR R hallam st L duchess st
    • .L Hallam st L lingham st R grt Portland st
  80. Commitments
    Palace theatre/Shaftesbury avenue
  81. Miss Saigon
    Prince Edward theatre/old Compton st
  82. Lloyd square
    • Lloyd baker st
    • .Lby wharton st LOR kings cross road
  83. Covent garden grill
    • 16 Henrietta st
    • .nxt porters bar grill
  84. Sticks n sushi
    • Henrietta street
    • .LOL
  85. Women in black cw2
    Russell st/fortune theatre
  86. Charles dickens coffee house
    • 26 wellington st
    • .the door is LOR tavistock st SDOR same

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