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  1. Uke
  2. Barai
  3. Age uke
    rising block (particularly to jodan, jodan age uke)
  4. Yoko uke
    side block (particularly to mid height, chudan yoko uke). Palm up, blocking with thumb side of forearm, to the ouside. Also called soto ude uke, soto yoko uke, and ude uke.
  5. Gedan barai
    downward circular block
  6. Hiki uke
    pulling/grasping block
  7. Uchi yoko uke
    inside forearm block
  8. Sukui uke
    scoop block
  9. Nagashi uke
    sweeping block
  10. Kake uke
    hook block
  11. Ko uke
    wrist block, wrist bent inwards, middle finger touching thumb. Block with end of forearm (particularly jodan ko uke). Also called koken uke.
  12. Kosa uke
    (cross block) – arms crossed at wrist, with backs of hands facing downwards and inwards towards each other.
  13. Shuto uke
    knife hand block
  14. Shotei uke
    palm heel block, particularly to gedan, also called shotei gedan barai.
  15. Tetsui uke
    hammerfist block
  16. Hiza uke
    knee block. hiza uchi uke (knee block from outside to inside) and hiza soto uke (knee block from inside to outside).
  17. Osae uke
    pressing block
  18. Otoshi uke
    descending block, eg shotei otoshi uke (palm-heel descending block)
  19. Kuri uke
    circular elbow block
  20. Sokutei osae uke
    pressing block with sole of the foot. Pressing down hard against the attacker’s ankle, as in a yoko geri.
  21. Sokutei harai uke
    block with the sole of the foot. Foot swung from outside to inside.
  22. Haisoku barai
    instep block. Foot swung from inside to outside.
  23. Tora guchi
    highly circular block simultaneously to both gedan and jodan, ending with a push forward (characteristic of Goju Ryu).

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