Goju Ryu Karate - Hand/arm Techniques

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  1. Zuki
    Note: zuki is often pronounced more like the word ski. -zuki techniques are punches or thrusts. -uchi techniques are other strikes.
  2. Tzuki
  3. Uchi
  4. Ate
    joint strike
  5. Seiken zuki or choku zuki
    basic punch with closed fist, striking with front two knuckles.
  6. Oi zuki
    lunge punch
  7. Kizami zuki
    leading punch, jab
  8. Gyaku zuki
    reverse (rear) punch, delivered with twist of hips.
  9. Age zuki
    rising punch
  10. Kagi zuki
    hook punch
  11. Ura zuki
    short punch (palm side up)
  12. Ura ken uchi
    back fist strike, snapping wrist, striking with top of knuckles.
  13. Mawashi zuki
    round hook punch, with top of hand facing outwards/upwards.
  14. Furi zuki
    circular punch. Delivered in large circular path with swing of hips, top of hand facing inwards.
  15. Awase zuki
    U punch. Double fist punch consisting of seiken zuki and ura zuki executed simultaneously.
  16. Heiko zuki
    Parallel punch. Double fist punch consisting of simultaneous left and right seiken zuki punch.
  17. Yama zuki
    (mountain punch) – Double punch as in awase zuki, but seiken zuki is higher and is delivered in a circular over-arm fashion and ura zuki is lower and rises slightly.
  18. Hiji uchi or hiji ate
    elbow strike
  19. Tateken zuki
    vertical fist punch. Top of hand faces out to the side.
  20. Nukite zuki
    finger thrust/spear hand. Straight hand, middle finger slightly bent so first three fingers are roughly even in length. Thumb bent and held tightly against palm.
  21. Shuto uchi
    knife-hand strike, eg shuto hasami uchi (knife-hand strike to neck).
  22. Tettsui uchi
    bottom fist strike. Closed fist, strike with bottom of fist.
  23. Shotei zuki
    palm-heel thrust. Hand is open as in nukite, wrist bent back. Strike made with bottom of hand, as in tettsui (also called teisho zuki).
  24. Haito uchi
    ridge-hand strike. Hand held as in nukite but strike is made with inside of hand, a little below the index finger.
  25. Keiko-ken zuki
    one knuckle fist. Index finger joint protrudes slightly and is held firmly in place by thumb.
  26. Nakadaka ippon-ken zuki or just nakadaka zuki
    middle knuckle punch. Similar to keiko-ken zuki, but using second finger. Thumb and index finger press firmly against middle finger to hold it in place.
  27. Kaiko-ken zuki
    crab shell fist. Thumb bent and pressed against palm. First knuckles straighted and fingers curled inwards to touch edge of plam. Strike is made with middle bone of the fingers.
  28. Boshiken zuki
    similar to seiken zuki but thumb presses firmly against the bent side of the index finger. Thumb is used to strike.
  29. Ko uchi
    bent wrist strike, similar to ura ken uchi with open hand (wrist is initially bent, but snaps out).
  30. Kote uchi
    forearm strike
  31. Zu zuki

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