Goju Ryu Karate - Foot/leg Techniques

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  1. Keri (-geri)
  2. Mae geri
    front kick. mae geri keage is a snap front kick, and mae geri kekomi is a thrust front kick. The strike is made with the ball of the foot (josokutei), and with the toes pulled up and back. mae kakato geri is a kick that strikes with the heel.
  3. Kin geri
    Gedan kick using kasokutei (top of foot ).
  4. Mawashi geri
    roundhouse kick
  5. Ushiro geri
    back thrust kick
  6. Yoko geri
    side kick. yoko geri keage is a snap side kick, and yoko geri kekomi is a thrust side kick. The strike is with sokuto, the outside edge of the foot.
  7. Kansetsu geri
    stamping kick, joint kick
  8. Kake geri
    hook kick
  9. Ashi barai
    foot sweep. Either a hooking sweep using the inside/instep of the foot (sokko) or a larger sweeping of the leg.
  10. Mae tobi geri
    jumping front kick
  11. Yoko tobi geri
    jumping side thrust kick
  12. Hiza geri or hiza ate
    knee kick
  13. Tobi geri
    jumping kick
  14. Tobi nidan geri
    jumping double kick
  15. Ushiro tobi geri
    jumping back kick
  16. Yoko tobi geri
    jumping side kick
  17. Ura yoko geri
    spinning side kick
  18. Ura yoko tobi geri
    spinning jumping side kick
  19. Ura ushiro tobi geri
    spinning jumping back kick
  20. Ura mawashi geri
    spinning roudhouse kick
  21. Kakatoto oshi
    heel kick/heel drop
  22. Fumikomi geri
    stamping kick, strike is made by stamping inwards (the kansetsu geri is similar but towards the outside).
  23. Gyaku mawashi geri
    reverse roundhouse kick. Delivered from inside to outside of body.
  24. Mikazuki geri
    crescent kick (inside to outside). Also called soto mikazuki geri.
  25. Kakato geri
    inside crescent kick (outside to inside). Also called uchi mikazuki geri.
  26. Ura mikazuki tobi geri
    spinning jumping crescent kick
  27. Otoshi geri
    descending kick, or axe kick (also otoshi kake geri)
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