Goju Ryu Karate - Other terms

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  1. Age
  2. Ashi tanren
    leg conditioning
  3. Bunkai
    techniques and applications of a kata
  4. Gasshuku
    training camp
  5. Gyaku
  6. Hara
    centre, centre of mass
  7. Hoju undo
    supplementary exercises utilising aids to develop strength, stamina, speed and coordination (see above)
  8. Honbu dojo
    central dojo of an organisation/region
  9. Junbi undo
    warmup and preliminary exercises
  10. Junbi owarimasu
    end of warmups
  11. Kakie
    a type of hand/arm exercise and associated applications used mostly for close combat. Also for improving strength, control and muchimi.
  12. Kamae
    stance and distancing as assumed for sparring
  13. Karate-do
    the way of karate. do means way or path (from the chinese tao).
  14. Karateka
    a karate practioner
  15. Kata
    a sequence of pre-arranged movements and techniques
  16. Ki
    spirit and energy (similar to chi)
  17. Kiai
    shout given as techniques are delivered to focus energy
  18. Kime
  19. Ma-ai
    correct distancing or timing with respect to one’s partner
  20. Morote
    both hands simultaneously
  21. Muchimi
    heavy/sticky but still flowing (a desirable feature of many techniques)
  22. Mushin
    to do something automatically or without having to think about it.
  23. Ritsurei
    standing bow
  24. Seiken
    normal fist (front two knuckles)
  25. Seiza
  26. Shihan
    chief/master instructor. For IOGKF Goju Ryu this is Morio Higaonna.
  27. Shime
    testing of sanchin kata
  28. Soto
    outside (inside to outside)
  29. Tako ashi
    gripping the floor with spread toes.
  30. Uchi
    inside (outside to inside) or strike
  31. zarei
    sitting bow
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