Lecture Quiz 5

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  1. What are characters in genetics?
    Different heritable features, such as flower color
  2. What are traits in genetics?
    Character variants, such as purple or white flower color
  3. What are the advantages of using the pea plants in genetic study?
    • Characters and character traits
    • Mating easily controlled
    • Stamens and carpel
    • Cross pollination (fertilization between different plants) involves dusting one plant with the pollen of another
  4. What are the sperm and egg producing organs in plants?
    • Stamens
    • Carpel
  5. True-breeding
    Plants that produce offspring of the same variety when they self-pollinate
  6. Hybridization
    Mating 2 contrasting, true-breeding varieties
  7. True breeding parents
    P generation
  8. F1 generation
    The offspring of the true breeding parents
  9. F2 generation
    The product of when the Fgeneration self-pollinates or cross pollinates with another Fhybrid
  10. What was Mendel's term for genes?
    Heritable factors
  11. What were some of Mendel's important discoveries?
    • Factors exist in versions (alleles)
    • Alleles segregate/separate (law of segregation)
    • Independent assortment
    • Particulate inheritance
  12. What 3 mechanisms contribute to genetic variation?
    • Independent assortment of chromosomes
    • Crossing over
    • Random fertilization
  13. What factors should an experimental organism have?
    • Easy to culture (small size; minimal nutrient requirements)
    • Quick generation time
    • Simple genetics
    • Mutant form apparent
    • Economic importance
  14. Character state
    Discreet expression or form, 1 among several, for a given character.
  15. Monohybrid
    Individuals that are heterozygous for one character
  16. Dihybrids
    Heterozygous for both traits
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