Post Franz Ferdinand Assassination

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  1. Where was Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Who shot him?
    Gavrilo Princip
  3. What sandwich did he go for in the end?
  4. What happened after the assassination?
    A&H blames the Serbian government for the assassination, demands compensation&that she can send troops into Serbia.
  5. How does Serbia respond to Austria-Hungary's demands for compensation and to send troops into Serbia?
    They say hell no.
  6. What happens after Serbia reject A&H's demands of compensation and to send troops into Serbia?
    Russia begins to mobilise troops to send into Serbia, REMEMBER THE ALLAINCES ECT! Russia has lots of Slavs....will support Serbia.
  7. What happens when Russia starts to mobilise?
    Germany asks that Russia stops
  8. Did Russia accept Germany's request to stop mobilising?
    No, and Germany then declared war on Russia.
  9. What happens when Germany declares war on Russia?
    France starts mobilising to support Russia, due to the 'Triple Entente'
  10. What happens when France starts to mobilise?
    Germany also declared war on France
  11. What happens after Germany has declared war on Russia and France?
    They start sending troops through 'neutral' Belgium and the 'Schlieffen Plan' comes into use...
  12. What happens when Germany try to invade via Belgium?
    The Belgians provide strong resistance to this which slows down their effort, Britain also gets involved due to an old treaty.
  13. What happens after Britain ask Germany to pull troops out of Belgium?
    They declare war on Britain, and then Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia................WORLD WAR ONE.
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