coastal process 2

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  1. What are some of the causes of coastal erosion?
    • hurricanes
    • wind-driven waves
  2. How can erosion be mitigated?
    • groins
    • jetties
    • breakwaters
    • sea walls
    • etc.
  3. What are the drawbacks of these forms of mitigation?
    the structures interfere with the littoral transport of sediment along the beach and cause undesirable deposition and erosion in their vicinity
  4. List the general ways to mitigate for coastal hazards.
    • zoning restrictions
    • dam removal
    • education
    • warnings
    • removal of insurance
  5. Be able to define structures formed from coastal erosion on both rocky and sediment coasts
    • arches - formed by coastal erosion, they then become stacks
    • stacks - former arches
    • sea caves - coastal erosion
    • barrier islands - elongated offshore accumulation of sand that stops large waves reaching the shore of mainland

  6. Explain why there are tides.
    the moon's gravitational pull creates tidal bulges and as the earth rotates this creates high and low tides
  7. littoral drift
    sand transport that is parallel to the shore, such as longshore drift
  8. longshore currents
    • waterflow parallel to shore that develops in the surf zone as the result of waves that strike land at an angle
    • responsible for longshore drift
  9. beach drift
    sand transport that is perpendicular to the shore

    continual movement of sand grains along the shore by the runup and backwash of waves
  10. sediment starvation
    and list causes
    • occurs when erosion and deposition are not in equilibrium
    • sediment isn't carried to the coast and it "starves" causing major erosion
    • damming rivers is major cause
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