Business Logistics Abbreviations (Chaps: 8,9,10)

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  1. OSHA
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  2. VMI
    Vendor-managed inventory
  3. DC and WH
    • Distribution center and warehousing¬†
    • Cross-docking
  4. NFPA
  5. TL and LTL
    Truck load and Less than truck load
  6. DOT
    Department of Transportation
  7. DHS
    Department of Human Safety
  8. HOS
    • Hours of service
    • issued by federal motor carrier
  9. TEU
    20 feet equivalent unites
  10. FEU
    40 feet equivalent units
  11. ULD
    Unit Loading Device
  12. EPA and FAA
    Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Aviation Administration
  13. FMCSA
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  14. OPS
    Office of Pipeline Safety
  15. USCG
    U.S. coastal gaurd
  16. FRA
    Federal Railroad Administration
  17. STB
    • Surface Transportation Board ¬†(STB)
    • Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) was eliminated¬†
    • Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was eliminated with functions transferred to a new agency, (STB)
  18. ICC
    Interstate Commerce Commission
  19. CAB
    Civil Aeronautics Board
  20. FERC
  21. TOFC and COFC
    Trailer on flat car and Container on flat car
  22. RO-RO
    Roll on - Roll off
  23. VLCC
    Very large container carrier
  24. FOB
    Free on Board (p.196)
  25. cwt
    100 weight
  26. NMFC
    National Motor Freight Classification
  27. EDI
    Electronic data interchange
  28. NOI
    Not Otherwise Indicated
  29. MW
    Minimum weight
  30. CCSB
    Commodity Classification Standards Board
  31. PHMSA
    Pipeline of Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  32. OHMS
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