Orthopedic Tests: Lumbar and Thoracic Spine

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  1. One-Leg Lumbar Extension
    • Explanation: The client balances on one leg, while attempting to bend backward, extending the spine.
    • Tests: For spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
    • pain on loaded side-spondylolysis
    • pain on both sides-spondylolisthesis
  2. Straight Leg Raise Test
    • Explanation: Client is in supine and the practitioner raises the leg of the affected side until symptoms are reproduced.  Practitioner then backs out slightly and client dorsiflexes the foot and the head and neck are then flexed.
    • Tests: Sciatic nerve
  3. Slump Test/Side-Lying Slump Test
    • Explanation: The client is seated on the table with hands clasped behind back.  From this position the client slumps forward with the upper thoracic region, next the head and neck are fully flexed.  The leg on the affected side is then extended at the knee and the foot is dorsiflexed.  Can also be performed same way, but lying on side.
    • Tests: Sciatic nerve
  4. Prone Knee Bend Test/Side-Lying Prone Knee Bend Test Variation
    • Explanation: client is prone on table and the practitioner places the client's knee into a fully flexed position.  Test can also be performed the same way in side-lying.
    • Tests: femoral nerve (L1-L4)
  5. Bowstring Test
    • Explanation: With client in supine on table, practitioner flexes leg of affected side until client reports reproduction of symptoms.  The practitioner then slightly flexes the knee (20o) to reduce symptoms.  The practitioner then presses thumb or fingers into popliteal region to reproduce symptoms.
    • Tests: sciatic nerve
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