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  1. stereotype
    beliefs about qualities associated with particular groups and their members.
  2. prejudice
    negatively biased attitudes toward, and general unfavorable evaluations of, a group that are then ascribed to individual members of the group
  3. meta perception
    how you think others perceive you.
  4. superordinate goal
    outcomes that are mutually desired by different groups that can be accomplished only if the groups work together
  5. scapegoat theory
    people frustrated by one source unable to retaliate directly displace aggression in a more acceptable way onto a more convenient and socially available person or group
  6. subcategorizing
    when you subcategorize an individual from an out-group and place them in an in-group
  7. aversive racism
    how people resolve conflicting non-prejudiced explicit attitudes and implicit prejudice
  8. power distance
    the degree of power between a superior and an inferior. Superiors hold more power.
  9. self fulfilling prophecy
    this process, by which expectations become reality
  10. shooter bias
    participants in stimulated situations in which they have to make a split second decision about whether to shoot a man who may or may not have a weapon in their hand.
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