American Literature Final

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  1. 1783-1859
    Washington Irving
  2. Primary works of Washington Irving
    • The Sketch Book
    • A Historie of New York
    • Rip Van Winkle
    • 5-Volume Bibliography of George Washington
  3. 1804-1864
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
  4. Primary Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne
    • The Scarlet Letter
    • Twice-Told Tales
    • A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys
  5. 1809-1049
    Edgar Allan Poe
  6. Primary works of Edgar Allan Poe
    • The Raven
    • Annabel Lee
    • The Black Cat
    • The Tell-Tale Heart
    • The Cask of Amontillado
    • Eureka: A Prose Poem
  7. 1809-1865
    Abraham Lincoln
  8. Primary Works of Abraham Lincoln
    • Gettysburg Address
    • First Inaugural Address,
    • Second Inaugural Address
    • State of the Union
  9. 1811-1896
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
  10. Primary works of Harriet Beecher Stowe
    • The Minister's Wooing
    • Uncle Tom's Cabin
    • My Wife and I
  11. ????-1895
    Frederick Douglass
  12. 1813-1897
    Harriet Ann Jacobs
  13. Primary works of Frederick Douglass
    • My Bondage and My Freedom
    • A Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass
    • My Escape from Slavery
  14. Primary work of Harriet Ann Jacobs
    Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
  15. 1830-1886
    Emily Dickinson
  16. Primary works of Emily Dickinson
    • Collection of Poems
    • Collection of Letters
  17. Often regarded as America’s first successful
    professional writer because of the popularity of the literary work The Sketch Book
    Washington Irving
  18. In a History of New York, not one of
    Washington Irving’s reasons for the right to property in a country
  19. Earned Washington Irving the distinction of
    having created the short story as a new genre
    Rip Van Winkle
  20. Washington Irving wrote a five-volume biography of him
    George Washington
  21. Describes Rip Van Winkle
  22. Archaic spelling of featured setting of Washington Irving
  23. Author inspired by his ancestor’s involvement in the Salem witch trials
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
  24. Novel that caused Nathaniel Hawthorne to be recognized as one of America’s most
    important writers
    The Scarlet Letter
  25. Future president who was classmate and friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Franklin Pierce
  26. Nathaniel Hawthorne's character who wears a black veil, is the object of gossip, and suffers a broken engagement
    Parson Hooper
  27. Novel dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Moby Dick
  28. Nathaniel Hawthorne's reward for writing Franklin Pierce's campaign biography
  29. Resulted in sudden celebrity for Edgar Allan Poe
    The Raven
  30. Author of “Annabel Lee,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and “The Black Cat”
    Edgar Allan Poe
  31. Completes “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and _____" from "The Raven"
  32. "In the sepulchre there by the sea--/In her
    tomb by the sounding sea” ends this poem by Edgar Allan Poe
    Annabel Lee
  33. Edgar Allan Poe marries this young cousin, who
    later burst a blood vessel while singing, almost died, and never fully recovered her health
    Virginia Clemm
  34. Edgar Allan Poe was not only a
    creative writer but also a discerning, severe
    literary _____
  35. Location of speech with this sentence: "The
    world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here"
  36. Address in which Abraham Lincoln says, "Let us
    strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds"
    Second Inaugural Address
  37. Platform for Abraham Lincoln's campaign for the presidency in 1860 emphasized not the issue of slavery but the preservation of
    the _____
  38. Sixteenth President of the United States, who served from March, 1861, until his assassination in April, 1865
    Abraham Lincoln
  39. Abraham Lincoln served four terms in this state legislature
    Consul to Liverpool
  40. Source of Abraham Lincoln's later rhetoric
    The Bible
  41. Created such extreme public outrage over slavery that it set the stage for the Civil War
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
  42. Harriet Beecher Stowe was so outraged over this legislation that she began to compose Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    Fugitive Slave act of 1850
  43. Uncle Tom’s Cabin initiated this marketing practice
    Creating souvenirs of beloved characters to sell to the American consumer
  44. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a good-hearted slave-owner who has gotten in debt and, therefore, is going to have to sell the treasured son of a respected and valued pair of slaves
    Arthur Shelby
  45. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the character whose name has become synonymous with an evil,
    abusive tyrant in a position of authority
    Simon Legree
  46. The American author who, as a slave child, witnessed the bloody whipping of Aunt Hester, the child’s first experience with such horrors of slavery
    Frederick Douglass
  47. Woman who taught Frederick Douglass the alphabet and began to teach him to read until her husband intervened
    Mrs. Sophia Auld
  48. Owner who gave Frederick Douglass the key to rising above slavery, i.e., that the pathway from slavery to freedom was learning to read
    Mr. Hugh Auld
  49. Method Frederick Douglass used to learn to read
    Bribing young white boys in the neighborhood with bread
  50. Frederick Douglass’ birth name
    Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey
  51. After Frederick Douglass arrived in the North, after whom did he rename himself?
    The hero of Sir Walter Scott's novel The Lady of the Lake
  52. Slave and future American author who was born in Edenton, North Carolina
    Harriet Ann Jacobs
  53. Number of years Harriet Ann Jacobs hid in her grandmother’s tiny attic crawlspace
  54. Harriet Ann Jacobs was freed when this employer bought her but objected to having been bought
    Nathaniel Parker Willis
  55. The main reason Harriet Ann Jacobs felt reluctant to reveal her life story in a book
    Exposure of her own liaison with a white neighbor to whom she was not wed and with whom she had two children
  56. Harriet Ann Jacobs said, “I would ten thousand times rather that my children should be the _____ _____ _____ _____ than to be the most pampered among the slaves of America”
    Half-Starved Paupers of Ireland
  57. Harriet Ann Jacobs created this alter ego to narrate her history in the first person
    Linda Brent
  58. Author to whom Abraham Lincoln said, “So you are the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war"
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
  59. Of what did Edgar Allan Poe accuse Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  60. Author of this stanza: “How dreary—to be—Somebody!/How public—like a Frog--/To tell your name—the livelong June—To an admiring Bog!”
    Emily Dickinson
  61. Number of Emily Dickinson’s poems that were published during her lifetime, probably against her will and much to her dismay
  62. This fact is hard to believe, given that Emily Dickinson rarely, if ever, left her home during the final twenty years of her life
    She remained connected to life outside
  63. State Emily Dickinson is describing in this verse: “And then it was/There interposed a Fly--/With Blue—uncertain—stumbling Buzz--/ Between the light—and me--/And then the Windows failed—and then I could not see to see—”
  64. Poem in which Emily Dickinson portrays death as a gentlemanly caller
    Because I Could not Stop for Death
  65. Individual to whom Emily Dickinson addressed this passage:“Here is a little forest whose leaf is ever green, here is a brighter garden, where not a frost has been, in its unfading flowers I hear the bright bee hum, prithee, into my garden come!”
    Austin Dickinson
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