Theology Section 2 Part 3

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  1. Along with One, Holy, and Apostolic, Catholic is one of the four marks of the Church. Catholic means “universal.” The Church is catholic in two senses. She is catholic because Christ is present in her and has given her the fullness of the means of salvation and also because she reaches throughout the world to all people.
  2. Greek, meaning “universal” or “according to the whole.”
  3. Religious painting traditional among many Eastern Christians. Christian iconography expresses in image the same Gospel message that the Scriptures communicate by words.
  4. A screen or partition with doors and tiers of icons that separates the bema, the raised part of the church with the altar, from the nave, the main part of the church, in Eastern Churches.
  5. Sacraments of Initiation
    • baptism
    • Eucharist
    • Confirmation
  6. Sacraments of Healing
    • penance
    • Anointing of the sick
  7. Sacraments of Vocation(Service)
    • Matrimony
    • Holy Orders
  8. How do Eastern Churches differ from the Catholic church
    If willy is crossing paths
    • The use of religious paintings called icons
    • A wall separating off the alter called iconostasis
    • All 3 Sacraments of initiation are received by infants
    • The sign of the cross
    • Priests can be married
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