Conditional Tense - Would

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  1. Conditional tense Endings
    Would, Could, Probably
    • ia
    • ias
    • ia
    • iamos
    • iais
    • ian
  2. To express speculation about the past:
    Yesterday they must have run more than 25 kilometers.
    Ayer correrían más de veinticinco kilómetros.
  3. To express the future from the perspective of the past:
    I knew that they would open the store at seven o'clock.
    Yo sabía que abrirían la tienda a las siete
  4. To express hypothetical actions or events which may or may not occur:
    It would be interesting to study Chinese.
    Sería interesante estudiar chino
  5. To indicate what would happen were it not for some certain specific circumstance:
    I would travel but I don't have money.
    Yo viajaría pero no tengo dinero.
  6. For polite use to soften requests:
    Could you please tell me what time the store opens?
    Por favor, ¿podría decirme a qué hora abre la tienda?
  7. To ask for advice:
    Which one would you buy?
    Cuál compraría Ud.?
  8. For reported speech:
    Juan said that he would finish the work.
    • Juan dijo que terminaría el trabajo
    • ***With regards to reported speech, notice that if the main clause is in the past, the conditional is used.
  9. To express what would be done in a particular situation:
    Would you speak English in Spain?
    Hablarías inglés en España?
  10. What time could it have been?
    Qué hora sería?
  11. It was probably five o'clock.
    Serían las cinco.
  12. I probably knew it
    lo Sabría
  13. We probably had known
    tendríamos sabido
  14. I would say yes
    diría si
  15. I would be able (could) to go Thursday
    podría ir el jueves
  16. We would leave this saturday
    saldríamos este el Sabado
  17. I think you would want more money
    Pienso que querrías mas dinero
  18. Would you put me a beer
    Me pondrías una cerveza
  19. Could María have bought the bread?
    Compraría Maria el pan?
  20. Could you carry my luggage?
    Podrías tu llevar mi equipaje?
  21. I promised Laurie that I would work only on Sunday
    Yo prometió a Laurita que Trabajaría solo el Domingo
  22. My Brother said that there would be 20 people at the party
    Mi hermano dijo que habría veinte personas en la fiesta
  23. I would like to eat dinner soon
    Me gustaría tomar la cena pronto
  24. I wouldn't live in Madrid because there is no beach
    no viviría a madrid porque no hay la playa
  25. I thought that it would rain today
    Yo creía que hoy llovería
  26. There could be more
    Podría haber mas
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