OCKCC Spring 2014 class assignment

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  1. Food

    순대 – sun dae
    What is the name of Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients?
  2. Food

    빈대떡 – bin dae tteok
    What is the name of Korean style pancakes?
  3. Food

    호떡 – ho tteok
    What is the name of Korean dessert pancakes filled with a sweet mixture, which may contain brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon?
  4. Food

    잡채 – jap chae
    What is the name of a Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles stir fried in sesame oil with various vegetables, sometimes served with beef?
  5. Food

    삼계탕 – sam gye tang
    What is the name of a Korean soup, which primarily consists of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng?
  6. Dramas/Songs

    애국가 – ae gug ga
    What is the name of Korean national anthem?
  7. Dramas/Songs

    아리랑 – a ri rang
    What is the most popular and best-known Korean folk song about tragedy and separation?
  8. Dramas/Songs

    드림하이 – Dream High
    What is the name of Korean drama about six students at Kirin High School having the dream of becoming K-pop idols?
  9. Dramas/Songs

    가을동화 - Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn In My Heart),
    겨울연가 - Gyeoul Yeonga (Winter sonata),
    여름향기 - Yeoreum Hyanggi (Summer Scent), and 봄의 왈츠 - Bom-ui Wal-cheu (Spring Waltz)
    What are 4 Korean dramas included in Endless Love drama series produced by KBS station?
  10. Dramas/Songs

    제중원 - Jejungwon
    What is South Korean period medical drama about the establishment of the first modern Western hospital in the Joseon Dynasty in 1885?
  11. Geography

    평창시 – pyeongChang-si (PyeongChang city)
    What is the host city of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in 2018?
  12. Geography

    제주도 – jejudo (Jeju Island)
    In 2007, which island in South Korea did UNESCO's World Heritage Committee list as a world heritage site?
  13. Geography

    부산시 – busan-si (Busan city)
    What is the largest port city in South Korea?
  14. Geography

    파주시 – paju-si (Paju city)
    In which city is Imjingak (임진각) located?
  15. Geography

    태백 산맥  - taebaek sanmaek (Taebaek Mountains)
    What is the name of the mountains located along the eastern edge of the peninsula and run along the eastern coast of Korean Peninsula?
  16. Culture

    돈 – don (Money)
    What should you put in any new purses or wallets that you bought before giving to anyone?
  17. Culture

    신발 – sin bal (Shoes)
    What shouldn’t you buy for your loved ones?
  18. Culture

    수프 그릇 – supeu geuleus (soup bowl)
    Which bowl should be placed on the right side of your rice bowl?
  19. Culture

    세제 – seje (Detergent) and/or 화장지 – hwa jang ji (toilet paper)
    What should you buy for a housewarming party?
  20. Culture

    한복 – Hanbok
    What is the name of Korean traditional clothes?
  21. Famous people

    세종대왕 – se jong dae wang (The
    Great King Sejong)
    Who invented Korean alphabets?
  22. Famous people

    이순신 장군 – isunsin jang gun (General Li)
    Who was the greatest navy general to defeat Japanese invasion in Joseon (조선) dynasty?
  23. Famous people

    정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa)
    Who is the main vocal in CN Blue?
  24. Famous people

    주몽 – Jumong
    Who was the founder of Goguryeo (고구려) Kingdom?
  25. Famous people

    반기문 – Ban Ki-mun
    Who is the current secretary-general of the U.N.?
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