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  1. Inflation
    The rising of prices, and the decrease of currency value
  2. OPEC
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  3. National Energy Program
    It froze Alberta oil prices below world levels to keep the cost of oil down for Canadians
  4. FIRA
    Foreign Investment Review Agency
  5. CIDA
    Canadian International Development Agency
  6. Jeanne Sauvé
    The first female speaker of the House of Commons in 1978, and she became the first female governor general in 1984
  7. NAC
    National Action Committee on the Status of Women
  8. International Women's Year
    In 1975, the UN celebrated this day to promote equality and full participation, and informing the general public about changing attitudes towards women.
  9. Citizenship Act of 1976
    It eliminated gender discrimination and granted citizenship to children of overseas marriages when the mother was Canadian.
  10. Immigration Act of 1978
    It reduced barriers to immigration and gave the provinces a new role in immigration policy.
  11. Multicultralism
    A policy which helped schools set up new courses, promoted multicultural events, and set up a council to study the problems of different ethnic groups in Canada
  12. NEP
    National Energy Program
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