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  1. An EDST (Enterprise Desktop Support Technician) must be able to do what 4 things?
    • -Listen
    • -Gather and interpret information.
    • -Diagnose and resolve problems, or escalate problems.
    • -Properly document a problem's resolution in the manner that company policy dictates.
  2. A good EDST may be described as what? Give me 4.
    • A Good troubleshooter.
    • A knowledgeable resource, who is familiar with relevant products, and is able to perform hardware and software installation tasks, system monitoring , and maintenance.
    • An Effective communicator.
    • An information resource, because even if you do not know the answer, you need to know Where to get the answer AND When to escalate a problem. pg 1-4
  3. What is the position of EDST's within the TECHNICAL Support Structure?
    Organizations typically structure their technical support into several different tiers. Typically, new requests are assigned to tier 1( often referred to as the help desk) where personnel attempt to resolve them. If the the cannot resolve the request, staff escalates it to tier 2 personnel. As an EDST, your position is located in tier 2. pg 1-4
  4. What is the Tier 1, help desk description?
    Supports day-to-day client Operating systems, applications, and hardware troubleshooting.  Follows prescriptive guidelines, and provides end-user PHONE support. pg 1-5
  5. What is the FIRST step as an Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (which is the tier 2 administrator with the Operational role)
    Is to identify the SCOPE of the problem. Because the end user reports the problem to the help desk, you can use the valuable information in the help desk incident report to determine whether the issue is within the scope of your job role.
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