Woodwind Methods

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  1. parts of the clarinet
    • mouthpiece
    • barrel
    • upper joint
    • lower joint
    • bell
  2. clarinet embouchure
    • lips rounded
    • mouthpiece proper distance in mouth
    • corners of lips pushed inward
    • sufficient lip over lower teeth
    • lower teeth biting?
    • don't puff checks
    • no air escaping
    • chin firm and down
  3. clarinet tounging necessities
    • relaxed tounge
    • use forward part of tongue
    • need good breath support
  4. methods of clarinet tounging
    • put tongue lightly in the small pocket between the reed and lower lip
    • draw tongue up/back, use the tip to tongue forward a little bit further down from the tip of the red
    • anchor rounding - tip of tongue anchored against bass of lower teeth,
  5. making crossing the break easier
    • make sure pads are sealed
    • good mouthpiece
    • stronger reed, not warped
    • cover holes completely
    • use more air, tighter embouchure
    • thumb position so tip can rock back/forth
    • practice going down the break
  6. 3 parts of flute
    • head joint
    • middle joint
    • fot joint
  7. how to hold flute
    • u shaped thumbs
    • keep fingers close to keys
    • pinkies over corresponding kekys
    • wrists straight
    • fingers curved

    • elbow away from body
    • feet properly placed on floor
    • flute parallel to ground
    • body facing forward
  8. flute embouchure
    • diamond shaped apeture
    • larger for lower notes, smaller for higher
    • say syllable too
    • place bottom in the bottom middle of the hole
    • blow diagonally downward
    • don't puff cheeks
  9. four deficiencies caused by beginning flute players
    unfocused sound - air support, instrument condition, aperture too open, air direction

    • notes not starting on time - tongue
    • airy/no sound - puffy cheeks, puckered lips, lips shaped like a kiss
  10. parts of saxophone
    • bell
    • neck joint
    • mouthpiece
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