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  1. How many states can a computer understand and what are they?
    2. On and Off
  2. How many counting digits are used in binary code? What numbers are they?
    Two digits  are used.  0 and 1.
  3. Why is RAM always an odd digit higher than the specific RAM needed?
    Binary code is counted in the power of 2's and the RAM will always be the closest power of 2 over the required amount.
  4. What state is a computer reading when it is reading the digit 1?
  5. What state is a computer reading if it is reading 0?
  6. When dealing with bytes and bits, what is the preferred method used by computers?
  7. How many bits are in a byte?
  8. a Kilobyte =
    1000 bytes
  9. Megabyte =
    a million bytes
  10. Gigabyte =
    a Billion bytes
  11. Millisecond =
    1/1,000 a second
  12. Microsecond =
    1/1M a second
  13. Nanosecond =
  14. Picasecond =
  15. In computing which of the smaller metric system units do we normally use?
    Milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds
  16. An input device is defined as:
    anything that puts information into a computer.
  17. Give at least 4 examples of input devices:
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Touch Pads
    • Trackballs
    • Microphones
  18. An output device is defined as:
    anything that presents data to the user.
  19. Give me at least 4 examples of output devices.
    • Printer
    • Monitor
    • Speakers
    • Projectors
    • Headphones
  20. Give two examples of something that multitasks as both and input and an output device.
    • modem
    • touchscreen monitor
  21. What motherboard form factor is this?
    Image Upload
    AT Motherboard
  22. What motherboard form factor is this: 
    Image Upload
    ATX Motherboard
  23. What are these called? Abbreviation and full name (the white slots) 
    Image Upload
    What are they used for?
    PCI Bus Expansion Slots. Peripheral Component Interconnect. They are used for expansion cards such as sound cards and video cards.
  24. What is this Slot called? Acronym and full name. ��What is it used for?Image Upload
    AGP. Accelerated Graphics Port.  It is only used for video cards.
  25. What is this slot called? (Acronym & name) Why is it better than it's predecessor?Image Upload
    PCI-X Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended.  It has a 64 bit wide bus and is backwards compatible with older hardware/software.
  26. What is the name of the port that is used in laptops as an expansion bus port?
  27. What is the name of the faster more advanced slot that is normally used in computers today for an expansion bus?
    PCIe Peripheral Component Interconnect Express.
  28. Why is the PCIe better than it's predecessors? Explain why.
    Because it uses Serial communication instead of Parallel communication. In parallel communication two way traffic shares on wire which makes it slower. In serial communication the wires are dedicated to going one direction.
  29. In order, what are the 4 steps necessary steps for installing an expansion card?
    • Step 1: Knowledge
    • Step 2: Physical Installation
    • Step 3: Driver Installation
    • Step 4: Verify
  30. Explain step 1 for the expansion card installation process.
    Knowledge - you need to make sure that your device that you are installing is compatible with the computer you are installing it into.  Some older operating systems will not support newer hardware if a driver has not been issued for that hardware for that OS.
  31. Explain step 2 of the Expansion card installation process.
    Physical Installation- always protect against ESD first.  Make sure you hold the card by it's edges and not on the components. Once you are grounded with the chassis then make sure you use the correct angle when inserting the card.  Always secure the card in place (when it is sitting properly) with either a screw or sliding mechanism.
  32. Explain step 3 of the Expansion card installation process.
    device drivers - you need to make sure that you are installing the most updated drivers for that device.  You can get the drivers from a optical disk provided by the hardware or you can get it from the website for the hardware company.  Installing the most recent driver is probably the best but if you have issues then you may need to roll back to a previous driver.
  33. Explain step 4 of the Expansion card installation process.
    Verification - verify that the device is working properly.  Also open up Windows device manager and make sure the device is showing up. Finally put the card to the test by using it and making sure it works properly.
  34. What is the command you would enter into the command prompt in order to get the hardware wizard?
  35. What is the best way to choose a motherboard for a client or customer?
    1st choose what kind of MOBO you need.  Make sure it fits your chassis, fits the type of processor you want to use, and keep in mind how much RAM you may want to install now and in the future.  It is also important to look at expansion slots so that you can install new hardware in the future if needed. Also make sure there is a manual with the mobo so that you can verify how things should be set up.
  36. What are the three types of motherboard failure?
    • Catastrophic
    • Component
    • ethereal
  37. What component of your computer provides the foundation for the computer?
    The Motherboard
  38. What kind of connectors are these and how do you name them?
    Image Upload
    Din and Mini DIN.  They are named according to how many slots they have.  Ex. Mini-DIN has 5 slots.
  39. What kind of connection is this:Image Upload
  40. What kind of connector is this?Image Upload
  41. What kind of connector is this and how do you name it?Image Upload
    DB-25, Male, named after how many connectors or holes the connection has.
  42. What kind of connectors are these?Image Upload
    RJ connectors, specifically the RJ-45 and the RJ-11.
  43. What is the name of this connector?
    Image Upload
    Molex connector
  44. What is the name of this connector and what does it connect to:Image Upload
    Berg connector, Floppy disk
  45. What is this connection and what does it connect to?Image Upload
    SATA Serial connection that connects the hard drive.
  46. What type of connector connects to this on the MOBO?Image Upload
    Molex connector
  47. A set of software instructions that control the computer and run other programs on the computer.
    Operating system
  48. GUI
    Graphical User Interface
  49. What type socket does the Celeron D processor fit into?
    LGA 775 aka Socket T
  50. What socket does the Pentium 4 fit into?
    LGA775 Socket T
  51. What socket does the Pentium D fit into?
    LGA775 Socket T
  52. What socket does the Pentium Extreme Edition fit into?
    LGA775 socket T
  53. What socket does the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Duo extreme fit into?
    LGA775 Socket T
  54. What are the 3 versions of Windows XP?
    • 1. XP professional
    • 2. XP home edition
    • 3. XP media center
  55. What socket does the Pentium fit into?
    LGA 1156 socket H
  56. What two sockets fit both the Pentium Core i3, Core i5, and the Core i7 800 series?
    • LGA 1156 Socket H
    • LGA 1155 Socket H2
  57. What are three contributions of socket 1156?
    • 1. connections to PCIe 2.0 x16 for graphic card
    • 2. connections to PCIe 2.0 x4 for DMI communication to platform controller hub.
    • 3. two memory channels for DDR3 SDRAM
  58. What socket was designed to replace LGA 1156?
    LGA 1155 Socket H2
  59. What socket does the Core i7 900 series fit into?
    LGA 1366 Socket B
  60. What socket does the Xeon 5500 series fit into?
    LGA 1366 Socket B
  61. What socket does the original Xeon processor fit into?
    LGA 1156 Socket H
  62. What socket was designed to replace socket 775 and provide access for up to 3 channels of DDR3 memory?
    LGA 1366 Socket B
  63. What sockets does the AMD Opteron fit into?
    PGA 940 and LGA F
  64. What socket does the Athlon 64 FX fit into?
    PGA 940
  65. What sockets does the AMD Athlon 64 fit into?
    PGA AM2 and AM2+
  66. What sockets does the Athlon 64 X2 fit into?
    PGA AM2 and AM2+
  67. Monitor the system, application, and security events on your computer.
    Event Viewer
  68. Manage networked storage devices using the Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI)
    iSCSI initiator
  69. Manage group policy settings on the local computer.
    Local Security Policy
  70. View performance data, such as resource use or cpu, disk or network activity.
    Performance monitor
  71. Manage all installed local and network printers, and their queues.
    Print Management
  72. Option in administrative tools that allows you to view and configure system services
  73. Configures the options used in the Windows boot process, and control which programs and services run at startup.
    System configuration
  74. Schedules tasks to run automatically on a timed schedule or when triggered by a specific event.
    Task scheduler
  75. What does ASCII stand for?
    American Standard Code of Information Exchange
  76. What does the copy command copy when used in DOS?
    It only copies files, not directories or subdirectories.
  77. What DOS command makes files contiguous?
  78. What are two commands in DOS that can be used to eliminate items?
    Del and Erase
  79. What is the difference between the diskcopy command and the copy command in DOS?
    Diskcopy copies the files and place them in the same order they were originally. Copy just places then anywhere.
  80. How many characters are used in the dos, FAT16 naming convention?
    8.3 8 characters, 3 file designation.
  81. What are the 4 main file extensions used in DOS?
    .sys, .com,.exe,.bat
  82. What are the three steps in preparing a hard drive to recieve data?
    • 1.low level format
    • 2. Disk partition
    • 3. High level format
  83. What are programs that run in the background of the computer without much user interaction?
    Terminate and Stay Resident Programs TSR Programs
  84. What command copies directories, subdirectories, and files?
  85. What characters cannot be used in DOS commands?
    ? : / < > | *
  86. What characters are used as wild cards in DOS?
    * ?
  87. What was the 1st 32 bit processor?
    80386 DX
  88. What unit in the processor deals with whole numbers?
    ALU arithmatic logic unit
  89. What was the first true 32 bit processor?
    80486 DX
  90. What was the first processor to have an FPU?
    80486 DX
  91. What was the first processor to have an L1 cache on it?
    80486 DX
  92. What processor was identical to the 80486 DX but doesn't have an FPU?
    80486 SX
  93. What is different about the 486 processor and the 487 processor?
    The 487 has a different pin arrangement
  94. What was the first processor with a clock multiplier?
    89486 DX2
  95. What was the first processor with a clock tripler?
    486 DX4
  96. What was the 1st AMD processor?
    AMD 486
  97. What was the first 64 bit processor?
    Pentium P54C
  98. What was the first superscalar processor?
    The pentium
  99. What was the first processor to have a fan attached to it for cooling?
    Pentium P55C
  100. What is the process that allows processors to perform more than one command a clock cycle?
  101. What was the first 686 class processor?
    The Pentium Pro
  102. How many multimedia instructions were added to the Pentium MMX?
  103. What was the first 64 bit processor?
    Pentium 4D
  104. What is the smallest amount of data the processor can handle called?
    A word
  105. What was the 1st quad-core processor?
    AMD phenom
  106. How many bits ate Atom processors?
    32 bits
  107. What is cooperative multitasking?
    When programs work together sharing processor power to get the job done.
  108. Why did cooperative multitasking fail?
    The stronger program would not share.
  109. What was the first AMD 64 bit processor?
    AMD 64
  110. What is the system timer?
    The main timer on the MOBO that controls the speed of everything.
  111. What does COAST stand for?
    Cash on a stick
  112. What is SMM?
    System Management Mode. It is coding that helps the computer save energy when it is not being used.
  113. What brand(s) of processors are CISC based?
    Intel and AMD
  114. What does SIMD stand for?
    Single Instruction Multiple Data
  115. What does SSE stand for?
    Streaming SIMD Extensions
  116. How many instructions were added with SSE?
  117. What was the significant instruction with SSE4?
    HD Boost
  118. What predicts the flow of code by sensing patterns?
    Branch Prediction
  119. What enables the processor to use more instructions in parallel?
    Dynamic execution
  120. What process uses logic to change the data entered in to a more optimized method?
    Data Flow Analysis
  121. What is the hexidecimal code written for a full format?
  122. Which operating system asks you to set the date while installing? Which doesnt?
    Win7, XP
  123. What was the 1st 32 bit OS?
    Windows 95 OSR2
  124. How many service packs did Windows NT 4.0 have?
  125. What was the AMD version of the SSE instructions?
    3D now
  126. What OS support Hyperthreading technology?
    Windows XP Pro and higher
  127. What was the 1st AMD multicore processor?
    Athalon 64 x 2
  128. What was the 1st quad core processor from AMD?
  129. What was the 1st ZIF socket called and what class of processors was it designed for?
    Socket 1 and 486 class
  130. What is another name for socket LGA 775?
    Socket T
  131. What does PLCC stand for?
    Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
  132. What slot does the SECC go into?
    Slot 1
  133. What socket did the pentium 4 processor go into?
    Socket 775 and 423
  134. What was the first multicore processor?
    Pentium Core Duo
  135. What is AMD's version of the Intel Celeron?
  136. What was the first processor to reach a 1GHz?
  137. What are the 4 troubleshooting steps?
    • 1. Aquire
    • 2. Simplify
    • 3. Implement
    • 4. Document
  138. What was the 1st 32 bit bus?
    Micro Channel Architecture
  139. What was the 1st attempt at plug and play?
  140. What does PCI stand for?
    Peripheral component interface
  141. How fast did the first PCI bus run?
  142. How many bits was the pci bus?
    32 bits
  143. What was the data throughput of the first pci bus?
    132 MBps
  144. What is IRQ 0 used for?
    System Timer
  145. What ia IRQ 1 set for?
  146. What is IRQ 2 used for?
    It cascades to 9
  147. What is IRQ 3 used for?
    Com 2 and com 4
  148. What is IRQ 4 used for?
    Com 1 and Com 3
  149. What is IRQ 5 used for?
  150. What is IRQ 6 used for?
    Floppy Drive
  151. What IRQ 7 used for?
    LPT 1
  152. What is IRQ 8 used for?
    Real time clock
  153. What is IRQ 9 used for?
    It recieves 2
  154. What is IRQ 10 used for?
  155. What is IRQ 11 used for?
  156. What is IRQ 12 used for?
    P/s 2 mouse
  157. What is IRQ 13 used for?
    Math co-processor
  158. What is IRQ 14 used for?
    Hard Drive
  159. What is IRQ 15 used for?
    Open or HDD 2
  160. What was the first IRQ chip?
    8259 interrupt chip
  161. What is DMA channel two set for?
    Floppy disk
  162. What is the I/o address for a keyboard?
  163. What is the I/o address for a hard drive?
  164. What is the I/O address for the sound card?
    220 hex
  165. What does APIC stand for?
    Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
  166. What is the POST digital code 301?
  167. What socket does the AMD Phenom fit into?
    PGA AM2+
  168. What sockets does the Phenom II fit into?
    PGA AM2, AM2+, and the AM3
  169. What socket does the Athlon II fit into?
    PGA AM3
  170. What socket does the AMD Sempron fit into?
    PGA AM3
  171. What socket does the AMD FX fit into?
    PGA AM3+
  172. What socket does the AMD Piledriver and Bulldozer fit into?
    PGA AM3+
  173. What socket does the AMD Llano fit into?
    PGA FM1
  174. What socket does the AMD Trinity fit into?
    PGA FM2
  175. What socket fits both the Athlon 64x and the Opteron?
    LGA F
  176. What AMD socket replaced the socket 940?
    LGA Socket F
  177. AMD Socket F was replaced by what two sockets for servers and High end servers?
    • Socket C32 for Servers
    • Socket G34 for high-end servers
  178. What was the 1st 16 bit processor?
    Intel 8086
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