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  1. unit vector
    vector v = vector v divided by the magnitude of the vector
  2. magnitude
    square root with all the numbers square inside
  3. orthogonal
    if a dot b(vectors) = 0 or pi/2 and are perpendicular
  4. scalar is a number while vector isn't
  5. dot product
    take the same position in two vectors and then add then do the same for the others and add them up
  6. angle between two vectors
    vector a * vector b = magnitude of vector a * magnitude of vector b * cosine
  7. parallel
    theta = 0, vector a * vector b = magnitude of a and b. Or a cross product of b(both r vectors) =0 or pi
  8. anti parallel
    theta equal 180, dot product of vector a and b = - or magnitude a and b
  9. cross product
  10. when normal * vector does not equal zero, it isn't on the plane
  11. a line in a xy plane is determined when a point on the line and the direction of the line are given
  12. another way to determine if lines are parallel
    take the direction vector from lines 1 and 2 and check if they are the same or multiple
  13. perpendicular lines
    find the variables t and s or some other variables, plug them in to determine if they are the same on both sides of the equation. which means they intersect
  14. skew lines
    neither perpendicular or parallel

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