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  1. AR
    • Hablaba
    • Hablabas
    • Hablaba
    • Hablabamos
    • Hablabais
    • Hablaban
  2. ER / IR
    • Comia
    • Comias
    • Comia
    • Comiamos
    • Comiais
    • Comian
  3. To Go (used to go)
    • iba
    • ibas
    • iba
    • ibamos
    • ibais
    • iban
  4. To Be (I used to Be)
    • Era
    • Eras
    • Era
    • Eramos
    • Erais
    • Eran
  5. To See (I used to see)
    • Ver
    • Veia
    • Veias
    • Veia
    • Veiamos
    • Veiais
    • Veian
  6. Imperfecto
    Generally speaking, the imperfect is used for actions in the past that are not seen as completed. Use of the imperfect tense implies that the past action did not have a definite beginning or a definite end.
  7. Imperfect
    -Is used for actions that were repeated habitually.

    I used to play tennis every day
    Yo jugaba al tenis cada dia
  8. Imperfect
    -used to refer to actions in the past that occurred over an extended period of time

    She used to eat seafood frequently
    Ella frecuentemente comia Marisco
  9. Frequency is generally expressed with Soler
    We used to talk a lot
    Soliamos hablar mucho
  10. Imperfecto
    -Telling time, dates, ages in the past
    It was 3'oclock am
    (ser)Eran las tres de la manana
  11. It was the weekend
    Eran el fin de semana
  12. When I was younger, we used to play a lot outdoors
    Cuando mas joven, soliamos jugar mucho fuera
  13. Imperfecto
    -Descriptions in the past

    Laurie used to have very long hair
    Laurita tenia el pelo muy largo
  14. I was very skinny when I was a child
    Yo estaba muy delgado cuando era pequeno
  15. Imperfecto
    -Weather in the past

    It was very cold when I left home
    hacia mucho frio cuando sali (Pret) de casa
  16. Imperfecto
    -Mental and emotional state in the past
    I thought the film was good
    Yo Pensaba que la peli era buena
  17. Imperfecto
    I wanted to move to New York
    • Yo Queria mudarme a Nueva York
    • Mudarme = is to move to another City or House
  18. Imperfecto
    -Explain reasons why you did or failed to do in the past

    I didn't go to class because I was sick
    No yo fui a las clases porque Yo estaba enfermo
  19. The children were talking
    Los Ninos Hablaban
  20. I needed more Clothes
    Necesitaba mas ropas
  21. We were washing the dishes
    Lavabamos los platos
  22. You (informal) used to buy me gifts
    Me comprabas regalos
  23. She used to call me every night
    Me Llamaba cada noche
  24. Imperfect
    -is used for actions that "set the stage" for another action.The imperfecto verb is interrupted by the preterito verb

    I was reading when my daughter entered
    Yo leia cuando entro mi hija
  25. I was coming home when I ran into Maria
    Yo venia para casa cuando yo encontre con Maria
  26. Imperfect
    -is used for telling time and stating one's age.

    It was seven o'clock at night
    The Dani was five years old
    • Eran(Ser) las siete de la noche
    • or
    • Dani tenía cinco años
  27. They used to live in Oakland
    Vivian en Oakland
  28. He was eating a Hamburger
    Comia una Hamburguesa
  29. I was once an Engineer
    Yo Era un Ingeniero
  30. To Spend
    We used to Spend a lot of time together
    • Pasar
    • pasabamos mucho tiempo juntos
  31. We used to go everywhere by Bicycle
    Ibamos a todas partes en bici (bicicletas)
  32. I used to buy a lot of baseball cards
    Yo Compraba muchas tarjetas de besbol
  33. To Climb
    I used to rock climb
    • Escalar
    • Yo escalaba roca
  34. I used to like to run
    Me Gustaba correr
  35. Imperfect Progressive
    -An action viewed as being in progress in the past

    I was shopping for food at the market
    • Estar + Gerundo
    • Yo estaba comprando comida en el supermercado
  36. We used to play football every day
    Soliamos jugar futbol cada dia
  37. There were many stores
    Habia muchas tiendas
  38. I used to rock climb 3 times a week
    Yo solia escalar roca tres veces por semana
  39. I used to play tennis with laurie
    • Practicar - To play, perform, practice
    • Yo practicaba el tenis con Laurie
    • (could also use Jugar)
  40. How long did you spend in Chicago?
    Cuanto tiempo pasabas en Chicago
  41. It was 3 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't sleep
    • Always ser for time in the past
    • Eran las tres de la manana y yo no podia dormir
  42. it was very hot
    Hacia mucho calor
  43. She wanted to travel around the world
    Ella queria viajar alrededor el mundo
  44. She was sad because her boyfriend broke up with her
    ella estaba triste porque su novio rompió con ella
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